She’s A Sly One, Alright.

Since I failed miserably at sleeping, I have been awake for the past couple hours finishing up some editing for a couple shoots I did a few weeks ago. It feels good to mark things off my list that have been there a while. It also felt nice to go back to photos after some time has passed.

I tend to be very critical of the photos I take. Whether it be that the photo is not sharp enough or I did not adjust the settings correctly, I always find something that I could have done better. While it is important to be critical to a degree, I sometimes miss the positive because of that. So, coming back to photos tonight was the extra boost of encouragement I needed. I was finally able to finish editing the photos I took of my lovely friend while she stayed with me and rediscovered just how beautiful she is!

For months we talked of turning her into a fox for a shoot when she visited. So, I was so excited during the setup of this. She made one awesome looking fox lady!

The last photo is definitely my favorite! I love how beautiful and natural it looks. And the best part? It was the very first photo I took of her! I hope to be able to do more themed shoots like this one. It definitely makes my heart happy. :) What have you done lately that you have been proud of?

love, scout

p.s. Be back tonight with my Sunday post!

  1. cait said:

    I love these photos! She made a very sweet fox :) Her hair and makeup is so beautiful!

    • I know! Her hair was a pain. It wouldn’t cooperate. But she was soooo wonderful!

  2. I loooove the second last photo, with the squinty eyes! So playful and fun! You’re a talented one, miss sunday.
    ps: awesome idea with the hairstyle as well.

    • Aww thanks, Holly! We should do a shoot if you make another trip here!!

  3. she IS beautiful!

    constructive criticism is good, but don’t be too hard on yourself.. i think you’re fantastic. if that means anything. :)

  4. Biscuit said:

    those are seriously amazing! that last one is just gorrrrgeous!!! i love it!

  5. oh wow….. these photos look so raw and powerful. i feel like it tells us how strong and vulnerable your beautiful model can be all at once.

    really good work e.

    • Thanks so much! I am really happy to hear that you can pull that from this. :)

  6. mel said:

    i love the last 2. really well done.
    miss aquafrolic looks great :)

  7. lehua said:

    emjay is super gorgeous. i love the photoshoot!!

  8. ails said:

    I love the 1st and the last 2! Emjay is a gorgeous fox lady! ^_^

  9. hellosweetworld said:

    I love that last one too! And her hair is so gorgeous. Beautiful :)

  10. Lindsay said:

    wow those photos of Meesh are gorgeous!! you both did an amazing job!!!! Love them all, the last one looks like a fairytale pic :)

  11. MJ said:

    These came out better than I could have ever imagined! Seriously Erin, you are amazing…I can’t wait to have more fun with you :] we make a great team!

    Ps, the close up of my eyes when I was squinting made me laugh out loud at first, but I think it’s my favorite! :]

    love youuuuu!

    • We do make a good team. I love that squint one too! Yays I am so so so happy you love them!

  12. I LOVE the last one! That tree is an amazing background!

      • Nope… where??? Sequiota park?

      • Phelps Grove. ;-p

  13. AJ said:

    LOVE! The hair is awesome, she looks wonderful, and the photos are fantastic! Well done, ladies :)

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