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I finally am able to have internet when I can post! YAY! So, here are my photos for this week.

This was found when Will and I were scouting locations for shoots the other day. I thought the longing behind this message was definitely felt and I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera. Someone had a strong desire to be with another (who didn’t feel the same).

Onward to the participants for this week:

Bri said:

“I have been reading your blog for a while and I LOVE the photo prompt idea! I will most likely be a weekly participant! :) The photo I’m sending you for the desire prompt is one I took today in honor of National To Write Love On Her Arms day… ( I posted on my blog about it) ! It’s a great cause, and I feel like the picture also happens to work perfectly for this prompt because more than anything, I think we all desire love! TWLOHA also represents feeling complete and having hope…In my darkest times, there’s nothing I desire more. <3”

by Kyla

Sheri took this and said she was inspired by the following song lyrics:

“All I need is a little time
To get behind this sun
And cast my weight
All I need is a peace of this mind
Then I can celebrate”
(All I Need – Air)

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. If you want to get involved in this, please email me at photo.prompts[at]gmail[dot]com. Anyone can participate! I think this can be a blast!! Thanks so much!

Also, thanks to those of you who have emailed me. Be looking for a reply back tonight! :)

love, scout


Grr!!! The Internet decided to stop working at my place and it’s too late to go anywhere else. I am so sorry guys but I have to postpone the prompt post until tomorrow. :-(

Believe me, I was yelling up a storm as I discovered this. I decided to at least post a quick little update from my phone letting you know what happened. I’m really sorry and will be back tomorrow.

Leave me something fun to read or that will make me smile. :)

Love, scout

P.s. Look what I’ve been up to this week so far! :))))))))

So, I wanted to check in really quick. I have been super busy with preparations for AVENEU magazine‘s shoot week for our second issue! Tomorrow (technically today) is my biggest shoot I have ever done. I am so excited!!

I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, but I am hoping to spend some time here after everything is finished. I will also email any of you who have written me. :)

Thanks so much for those who have written wanting to participate in the photo prompts. Thanks, also, to those who gave their input on the playlist pal idea. I will give out details soon!

I love you all so so much and thank you for your support. Sometimes I get really discouraged about having made the decision to pursue photography. However, it is your comments and emails that get me from those moments to ones like this one, where I stare at all I have gathered in preparation for a shoot and think about how much it is worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

I am off to sleep for a couple of hours. I hope you have a marvelous Wednesday and that you find yourselves smiling!

love, scout

Happy Saturday! I have a few things to share with you all. :)

First, go check out this giveaway by a lovely lady. She has got several ways for you to enter and you have until May 10.

Second, I am thinking about possibly starting something similar to pen pals that was inspired by my current need for some great new music. Basically, you would sign up through me. Once I had all of the names, I would pair people up with a partner and announce it through email. It would then be your responsibility to make a playlist for the person made up of your absolute favorite music. You could send them a letter, also. ;)

I mentioned it to a friend on Twitter earlier and a few other picked up on it and encouraged the idea along. What do you all think? I really would like to start this but I don’t want to get everything together if people won’t participate. If you think it is something you would like to get in on, leave me a comment saying so! That will help me determine how I want to go about getting it together. :)

Lastly, I haven’t gotten as many responses to my invitation for the prompts. I would really enjoy it if people would get involved. Please read here and here for details. Thanks so much! Have a beautiful night. It is rainy here and I think more storms are rolling in. I plan on cleaning a bit and then making cute things. I will be back tomorrow with my Sunday Best post! :)

love, scout

*Photos taken by Will in an attempt to capture my all original dance moves and classic awesomeness.

I couldn’t keep myself from taking more Photo Booth photos. I don’t know why. haha

I dyed my hair today. I like it. :)

I have decided that I am going to postpone the first prompt post until next Thursday so more people can participate. Check out here and here for more information about it. :) I love you guys! Have a beautiful Thursday!

love, scout

Good day to you all! I wanted to share with you some photos I sent Will last night to make him smile while he was at band practice. I try to make him laugh because I love his laugh and… well… because I love to make him happy. :)

Ok, so those last few were cheesy, but…

… you still love me right? ha!

I hope you all have a marvelous day! Please check the last two posts to get involved in a project with me. :)

I promise, no more  Photo Booth photos this week. ;-)

love, scout

So, this week’s photo prompt is DESIRE. I am excited for this prompt. There is so much behind this word that can be interpreted one way or another. Here are some photos I found on weheartit that I thought could offer some inspiration. :)

As you can see, there are really no boundaries on how you can interpret the prompts. I want everyone to get creative! Once you have taken a photo and edited (or not edited… your choice) it to your liking, please email it to photo.prompts[at]gmail[dot]com so I can add it to my post on Thursday. It would be awesome to add a little sentence or two as a description as well. :)

Please let me know if you all are interested. I really want as many people to participate as possible. If you have any questions, you can email me at the email address given above. Also, check my earlier post for more info about this project. Thanks so much! :)

love, scout

P.S. I am (finally) caught up on comments again so check back for replies to the comments you left! :)