Hey folks! The name’s Erin. So, you have found yourself here for one main reason… you want to know who I am. Basically, I am a 20-something girl constantly asking questions and keeping my eyes open for opportunities to make life even greater. I love people and am in love with creating, whether it be a new friendship, idea, or project. I hope to always be inspired by the more experienced individuals of the world, and to inspire those who have yet to traverse those shady roads we call adventures.

I know you may find that vague. I love sharing about my life, whether it is something I am proud of or not. It helps keep me honest. :) I also believe that everything I go through in life is meant to be shared so others can grow with me. So, bring on the questions or challenges! There’s always an open invitation here. This is meant to be a personal blog… so let’s get personal. ;-)

love, erin

source: will v

Some other places you can find me are:

My current blog



My photography places are:

Photo site

Email: violetandthevine[at]gmail[dot]com

  1. Briss said:

    Your pictures are so pretty :) i love it ! good lucky*!

    • Aww thanks! I plan on making my hair bubblegum pink soon! Eek!

  2. i’ve only just started reading your blog, so this may be irrelevant if you’ve already done something like it, but you should do a tutorial on your photo taking/editing process. some of us (mainly me) need all the help we can get :)

    • Such a good idea! My boyfriend is wanting to do that as well. Yay! I am excited to do this. :)

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