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So, I updated our etsy shop today….

There are currently 88 items in our shop. I think you all should buy something. ha! If you see something you like, but want a little different, please email me (thesundaycollective at gmail dot com) and we can talk out a custom order. Also, let me know if you have any questions!:)

I will have another update with the second half of items I have made next Wednesday, April 7 at 8pm. Thanks ahead of time for all of your support! :)))

love, scout

p.s. If this update goes well, I will have a giveaway soon!


I have been going non-stop the last few days. I feel like I need to take a break. Maybe just drive around for a bit on a country road somewhere.

I plan on doing this over the weekend. I can’t wait for Sunday to get here! Will and I are going to head to his parents’ house. I am more than excited to get away from everything (internet… and even cell reception) for the day. Until then, it’s work work work. At least until I get the rest of the items made for my etsy shop update this week. I am hoping to start uploading items tomorrow night and finish by Thursday.

I am excited about the new items I have been making! Here is a little peek.

That is all I have had time to photograph. This was me playing around early one morning after making these. :) There will be plenty of photos in time. For now, I must make more! I will tell you that there will be bracelets, headbands, necklaces, and other fun stuff in this update. So, please check the update out. The money I make from etsy gets me closer and closer to finally living the life that I want. So, I really mean it when I say that your purchase and support mean the world to me. :)

I will post on Twitter and Facebook as I upload. Thanks bunches!

love, scout

* Photos by me. More photos like the top one here.

The other day, Will and I decided to enjoy the nice weather and head to the park. We brought our cameras, of course, and started taking photos as soon as our feet touched the grass. Not even five minutes after arriving, I became distracted. This park, that I had played at throughout my junior high years and later, had changed. This change was not a good one, either. I remember it being a place that was so pretty and fun. Now? Well, this is what I spent my time photographing.

Maybe I was oblivious to this as a kid. Unfortunately, I think this situation has turned into a huge problem in the last few years. I know my mom wouldn’t let me play among the disgusting things that this park currently has. I don’t know many who would, if they really looked around before sending their kids out to play. Even putting children aside, anyone who wants to stroll through the park would find more than the expected. You would have to be pretty dense to miss all of the items left behind there.

I know this seems a little uncharacteristic for me to go on about something on my blog like this. I normally try not to, because I know that the last thing I want to see on someone else’s blog is negativity. However, I have a hard time turning away like I saw nothing. Especially when I was able to take over 50 different photos of some of the trash strewn about in only ten minutes!

And I can understand that napkins blow away, kids drop candy and other things in the water from time to time. But bottles of all kinds, paper, plastic, (used) condoms? Seriously. I don’t think most of those were placed accidentally. The items I saw discarded most on the ground were cigarette butts! I know that this is not uncommon, but why should that stop me from mentioning it? I understand that people have a right to smoke in public places, but why is it so difficult to walk to a trash can after you finish? Are your lungs so damaged already that this is impossible?

The saddest part about it is that I have noticed most other places in a similar, or sometimes worse, state than this. What has happened that we think this behavior is ok? It is not hard to clean up after yourself. It is not hard to leave things the way you find them. It is so frustrating!

I think it is obvious that I feel very offended by what I have seen over the past few days. I think it is completely justified. In an effort to take this realization and create some good from it, I am planning on taking time every week to clean our world up a bit, starting in good old Springfield, MO. Whether it be the grounds of my apartment building, parks, or parking lots, I want to clean things up. I feel a strong responsibility for others’ actions and my lack of action up until now. In some ways, I am no better than those slowly junking up my home. (Thanks, by the way. Please sense my sarcasm.) While working toward this, I plan on taking my camera with me. I want to document this journey. I also want something to show others to help encourage them to live a cleaner life, so that others can as well.

What are you doing to help yourself and others?

love, scout

p.s. I know that some of you may have found this post too harsh at times or even felt offended. I am sorry if you took offense, however I will not apologize for anything I have said. They are true feelings and it is just that important to me to say something. I hope you understand, at least, where I am coming from and leave kindly, whether you agree or not. Either way, thanks for reading and, as always, I sincerely hope you enjoy life until I write again. :)

Alright, folks! I just updated our etsy shop with 8 new prints! I chose the most popular prints based on your replies earlier so THANK YOU!

Prints are available to order off the site in two sizes; however, if there is another size or print option you would like, please email me at thesundaycollective[at] to let me know so we can work something out. Also, let me know if you want a print of one of the photos posted in the blog this morning but is not in the shop. :)

There are some headbands in the shop as well that I added a couple weeks ago that are wonderful to wear with your new Spring dresses. I will take custom orders on headbands and other accessories as well. :)

As a thank you for your help earlier, the first 13 people to order from our shop will get a free 4×6 print. It’ll be a nice little surprise for you when you get your package!

Anyway, I will be back tomorrow. I must go finish unpacking (finally) my apartment with my wonderful boyfriend.

Thanks again! I love you!

love, scout

Happy Monday to you! I need you to help me out…

I am planning on updating the etsy shop tonight with new prints! I am excited. I always love sharing my photos in the form of print. I am stuck on which ones to update with, though. I really only want to update with 5 but I want to make sure they will be ones people would like to have. So, tell me… 5 would you choose? :)

love, scout

Can you believe it?!? My Sunday Best post is actually being posted on Sunday! ha ha

Here are a few things that made me smile this week:

Having my sister help me out with an idea. Seeing her always makes me smile.

Seeing this face in my rearview mirror makes me happy every time I think about it. She makes me want one of my own!

Passing items onto someone who will put them to better use and be happier because of it.

Working hard.

I don’t think an explanation is required for this. I can’t remember where I saw this first but I definitely love it! I want a shirt that has this on it.

Spring! (photo found on weheartit)

Giving the first gift (since making my list) to a special person and then receiving blog awards from CaitCassandra and Lindsay (THANK YOU SO MUCH!).

Finishing up edits from a cute baby shoot. :)

I can’t wait to get all my plans for this week started. What do you have planned?

love, scout

Since I failed miserably at sleeping, I have been awake for the past couple hours finishing up some editing for a couple shoots I did a few weeks ago. It feels good to mark things off my list that have been there a while. It also felt nice to go back to photos after some time has passed.

I tend to be very critical of the photos I take. Whether it be that the photo is not sharp enough or I did not adjust the settings correctly, I always find something that I could have done better. While it is important to be critical to a degree, I sometimes miss the positive because of that. So, coming back to photos tonight was the extra boost of encouragement I needed. I was finally able to finish editing the photos I took of my lovely friend while she stayed with me and rediscovered just how beautiful she is!

For months we talked of turning her into a fox for a shoot when she visited. So, I was so excited during the setup of this. She made one awesome looking fox lady!

The last photo is definitely my favorite! I love how beautiful and natural it looks. And the best part? It was the very first photo I took of her! I hope to be able to do more themed shoots like this one. It definitely makes my heart happy. :) What have you done lately that you have been proud of?

love, scout

p.s. Be back tonight with my Sunday post!