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Is it possible to be both? I think Ryder has shown me that it is. :)

Recently, I went to Lee’s Summit (where my sister and her family live) to help with a surprise for Ryder’s daddy. He was away on a big riding trip through several state parks so this was the perfect time. Rachel transformed a corner of their living room into a candy shop scene. This was by far the most a mom had put into a family shoot that I have worked on. She did a great job *and* she let me have some of the candy. :-)

I’ve posted more (cuter) photos from the shoot here. I am very proud of the work my sister put into this.┬áPlease check them out and then admit that I have the cutest sister and nephew around. :) Just kidding (kind of), but I hope you look at them.

Have a wonderful day, folks! I am off to make stuff before work.

love, scout


I just found these photos that I took last winter when my sister came for a visit. In the first photo, you see Kim on the left and Jackie on the right. Jackie made that robot, Hubert, for Will and I for Christmas. His heart lights up. :)

I miss these girls oh-so-much. I hope to get some serious sister time soon!

Alright, it’s off to work for me. I hope your days go well!

love, scout

So, I am sitting at Starbucks, which has free wi-fi now (Woohoo!), waiting on Will to get done with his first meeting as the Assistant Store Manager here in Joplin. I am so, so excited for him! As most of you know, we both have gone through a lot this past year (along with our families). So this opportunity coming along makes us ecstatic. It is definitely a change because Joplin is about an hour from Springfield and, as of now, we are *not* moving. This means quite a lot of commuting but it is worth it. :)

One of my best friends and my dad both live here so that is something that feeds the urge to move here. Sure, my current town is alright. It is filled with creative people and it is a great place to settle down. I am just not satisfied there. I hope that this change is the beginning of quite a few in the right direction. We have tons of ideas up our sleeves that we are slowly making happen. It is a really exciting (and a little bit scary) time for us and I am very hopeful. :)

I have kept a not-so-little decision secret from you all for a while and so I feel now is the time to share. :)

In the next couple of weeks, I will be starting a journey completely different than I ever have before. I will be working more for myself for the first time ever. I am excited, I am scared, and I am inspired by this. The main focus of my life will now be photography. Sure, I will have my “normal” every day job at Forever 21 (which I LOVE). However, most of my time will be spent thinking, brainstorming, and working toward achieving my dreams. What are these dreams? Well, if you have paid attention you will know that my main dream is to become a full-time photographer.

I don’t just want to be a photographer. I want to inspire people by capturing the beautiful things, big and small. And the overlooked. And the ugly. And the sad. Happy. Funny. ALL of it can inspire, teach, and help grow.

There are a few ways I plan on doing this. Of course, the most obvious is by taking photos for people who hire me. That is one area that you can help with. I am open to traveling anywhere in the US, as long as the trip will provide what I need financially. That means if I were to travel to a different state, I would need X amount of shoots scheduled to get me there, feed me, and give me a small bit of profit. :)

Other ways will be shared in the coming months. You know, as things continue to work in our favor. :))

The best part about having made this decision, is that people starting contacting me literally within a couple days, even before I started talking about it! It was such a great confirmation for me. My weeks keep filling up and I feel more and more confident in the photos I am giving to people. I have also started working with some ministries and organizations to utilize the huge heart God gave me for others. I feel like this is the perfect time and place in my life for this to happen. I would love to continue to make this work so my dream can become truth in my life. I would also love if you would help support me in this. You can do this easily by simply continuing to come here and join me as I move along in my life. Spread the word about my photography and help me get shoots. When I share the final part of my pursuit, help me in ways that you can. Every one of you is so important to me, which is why I share this with you. :)

I just posted quite a few new photos here. Please check them out and leave comments telling me what you loved, or offering suggestion. It also would mean a lot for you to add me here, or here, or here. :)

I seriously love you guys more than I could express and hope you know how grateful I am for those of you who have been faithful friends, even when I haven’t been able to keep up with you as much as I would like.

Anyway, I will stop before your eyeballs fall out of your head from too much reading. Be back soon! Hopefully by Thursday! :)

love, love, love, scout

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I honestly don’t have anything good to say. I just felt the need to say hello. :) I will share with you (since it is Tuesday) that I have decided to make a few itty bitty life changes. Some that most people wouldn’t care or even think about, but that is kind of a big deal to me. One of these changes is to not wear makeup any longer. It was really hard for me to add this to my list. I am on day 5 of a bare face. I can already see it was a good decision. :)

I just want to start back to basics. I want to learn to love myself again, whether I wear makeup or dress as cute as my friends. I don’t want to work at getting people to like me or feed me compliments. I just want to be. And I want to feel good about it. It is time to love the simple me again and not be so concerned about trying to make a better outer shell of myself. That way I won’t be so distracted that I miss the other beautiful things in life. See the simple beauty in everyone.

You may wonder where this is coming from. What sparked this? Well, it has been on my heart for a while. I have noticed how consumed I had gotten with being a certain person to achieve a certain “thing.” I didn’t change sooner because, well, I knew it was going to take a lot of effort. About a month ago, I was informed of some changes taking place in the very near future that affected me directly. My life will be very different starting about mid August. It will be the start of many new things to come so I figured this is the best time to start living the way I want to. :)

This is obviously not something that I think everyone needs to do. I don’t plan on going crazy with this simple living stuff. I just need to gain a little perspective. I think it is healthy. Anyway, that is about all I am prepared to share at this point. I will be sharing a little bit of career news for you in the next few days. :)


I think it’s time to cut the bangs.

love, scout

We enjoyed the wonderfulness of Snack Pack. It was delightful. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an endless supply. We are off to see a movie in the park with some friends! It’s been storming, so hopefully we won’t get very wet. What are you doing this evening?

We just wanted to say hi really quick. Love you guys!

love, w+e

p.s. I am bringing back prompts to the blog (sorry for the absence). What ideas for prompts do you have? I want to make the list as long as possible! :)

The other night I did a major purge of my things. As most of you know, Will and I moved to a new apartment at the end of January and we still could not even use one of the rooms because so much junk was filling it up. It took me a good 16 hours to finish the cleaning but I am SO happy now! I thought I would show you a few peeks at some of my favorite little corners. :)

Our dining table, given to us by a wonderful friend. It sits right next to a little window by the kitchen. I covered it with cloth that I originally bought to make a bag with. I like this idea much better. :)

Here are the herbs and flowers we potted in vintage jars. We loved this alternative to a traditional garden. We plan on having one of those in the backyard we own one day. :) Right now, they sit on Will’s hard case for his amp, which doubles as extra kitchen counter space (limited space… wahoo!). They are paired with a vintage photo of Will’s great-uncle and the band he played in.

Where the dishes hang out after they take a bath. Above is the current scene: vintage glasses we want to sell and a vintage flour jar that we made into a flower vase (get it? flour to flower? yeaaaaaah, we are awesome.)

My toys! Yes, I still have some. I have gone to great lengths to keep these treasures so I have made sure they have their own little niche in our home. One day, our children will *gently* play with these! (Eek! Can’t wait!) They have found a cozy spot right next to our dresser in our closet room. I apologize that this is the only photo I took of our room. I prefer to keep mystery to where all the magic happens (bah-hahahaha… gross… kind of). ;-p

The bathroom floor. I just l o v e it. :)

This stack of books is very special to me because Will’s lovely mom bought them for us from the library she worked at. They are old children’s books that were too outdated apparently. It will be fun to read them to my kids one day. :)

I am so happy about our growing collection of books. When I was a child, I would sit dreaming about having my own library in my house when I “growed up.” I used to think Belle in Beauty and the Beast was so lucky (and still do)! Due to lack of space for a bookshelf, we have piles of books in random little spaces… and I kind of love it!

A good bit of fabric is piled up in our catch-all room. It’s the room that was an overgrown closet until the other day. Now it is prettier. :)

This room is growing to be my favorite to just look at. All of our craft stuff, photo gear, and outdoor items (for camping, hiking, biking, etc) is held in this room. Each item has it’s place, which makes it a fun room for me to pass through. :) This is the top of a shelf, holding jars with knick-knacks, vintage sewing bin and television, a framed Johnny Cash album, and a photo of two of my dear friends. :)

The living room! It is our main room so we spend most of our time awake here. We have our favorite pieces of furniture in here and little trinkets that we hold dear. One of my true loves is that brown phone. Will surprised me with it one day in hopes that I would FINALLY start my rotary phone collection. I love him!

Another photo of the living room. Some more of our favorite things. Need I say more? :)

So, I know that isn’t a very good look. I didn’t want to give it all away just yet. We don’t have many pictures hung, and everything just isn’t quite perfect. Maybe you need to come for a visit? ;-)

love, scout

Meet Lauren. We work together, but she also is a dancer. She recruited me to take some headshots of her. Of course, I couldn’t stop there. We started out by taking some fun portraits.

Then we decided to head toward Commercial Street. It didn’t take but a few minutes for the fun to begin.

When we had captured what she needed, we decided to do something fun so we went to the park!

She had mentioned that she would like a good photo of her tattoo… so…

I was so excited about the photos, that I stayed up extra late tonight/this morning finishing them! I even made a little something extra for Lauren. :)

I hope she loves it. Only time will tell. For now, this tired girl must sleep. I have work in a few hours!

Have a beautiful day. Let me know what you all think. Your opinions matter to me. :)

love, scout