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El Mustache-o Big-oSo, I am at Red Velvet Art today, working in the shop (be jealous) and thinking about Halloween. I totally realized that I need a costume, like by tomorrow. I decided to try out some of our wonderful mustaches. The big ones were waaaay too big. I grabbed a smaller one… and found a pair of our new glasses (We had a new update! Check it out!!)…

yipes!… and apparently started having too much fun. Ha! And then I realized…

dad?I look like my father. :-/ So kids, I need a new costume. Ideas? What are you all going to dress up as? Promise not to steal it!

I’ll be back with more later. I’ve had a good last few days. :)

love, erin


Hello, all! I have decided on my first continual blog post. Every Sunday, I will post photos of my favorite things from the previous week. It will be called “Sunday Best.” Last week was crazy so I am a little late posting, but it works. I would also like to ask you to forgive the quality of these photos. Most of these were taken with my phone because I didn’t have my camera with me. Hopefully, next week will be better. :)

I thought this up around the middle of last week so I only have a couple favorite things from last week, but they… are… awesome!!

Annika's journalFavorite #1: Making things even better! I have had this Moleskine journal for the longest time and it has gone unused. So, I decided to make it a little cuter for my boyfriend’s niece. I added a vinyl sticker from Red Velvet Art and a few buttons of the same color. I think it turned out really cute. :)

yarnFavorite #2: Yarn. Is there really anything more to say? ;)

boots!Favorite #3: Boots! I have been patiently shopping around for a great used pair of boots for literally years. The boots I see are never my size… until NOW! I found these the other day after only about 10 minutes walking around a local flea market. Yay!

mmmFavorite #4: Good advice over good beer. Will and I discussed future plans over dinner the other night. It really inspired me to pursue a new opportunity. So excited!

before...Favorite #5: Giving Crick a ball of yarn to play with while I am gone…

after!!… and coming home to this. I really couldn’t help but laugh! :)
!!!Favorite #6: The boy. There are so many, many reasons why Will is my favorite. I honestly can’t even begin to tell you the amount of love I have for this gentleman. I get photos and messages like these every day.

loveHe’s certainly the tops!

yay!Favorite #7: Helping make this dress! It was my first ever. It’s super simple but so pretty. I would wear it, if it were my size. :)

teacher, teacherFavorite #8: Teaching my sister to crochet. It was such a fun experience! She was so cute because she just didn’t get it at first. I admire her patience, though. :)

scarf!Favorite #9: Finishing my first scarf! I made this for another sister. When I saw her this weekend, she told me she wanted some purple and pink in it. I thought she was crazy at first, but it actually turned out alright. I am happy with it, seeing as it’s the first time I tried. :)

pastFavorite #10: Revisiting the past. This weekend I went to my dad’s house in Joplin. My sisters and I went through quite a few old photos from when we were kids. We sat for at least a good hour just sharing memories and such. It was the first time I have looked at photos of my mother in quite some time. I think I had forgotten what her smile looked like. I miss her. It was good to see her again. :)

famryFavorite #11: Family. I took this photo on my way out the door to head back to Springfield. I did not want to go. Some of my family had just gotten there. It was such a lovely day, though. I was able to catch up with two of my sisters and my father and step-mother. We drew names for Christmas, but I am not telling who I got. ;)

Well, that is it for this week. I guess I had more favorites than I thought. It was a wonderful week. How did you spend your week and what were your most favorite moments?

love, erin


I fell asleep last night before 10pm (I think), which is pretty ridiculous. It was just what I needed, though, after being awake longer than my sick little body needed to be the night before. I was able to get a few good hours of rest before Will’s work called him to remind him (at 5am!!!) that he was covering for a coworker this morning. That blasted ringtone wrapped itself around my ears and shook me into tomorrow! Needless to say, I am wide awake. ;)

I am pretty sure that my cold has decided to work in reverse this time. Usually, I feel great after a couple days; however, I feel horribly stuffy this morning. I know what normally works for me with colds, but do any of you have great miracle suggestions?

Since I can’t sleep, I thought I would talk a little bit about some exciting changes for me.

1) As you all know, I am starting to learn more about fashion design and what all one has to do to make her own clothes. So far, it is sooooo easy! There are just a lot of steps involved.

2) I have decided to start journaling again. Writing has always been something I have been really into… and good at according to everyone who has read my writings. Starting to read and write at 3 really helped, I think. Anyway, I miss my Moleskine. I think it misses me, as well. It is where I unleash all the parts of me that no one else really sees. But, if I come up with anything really great, I will share. ;)

3) This kind of goes along with the previous, but I want to start figuring out and perfecting my drawing style. I just recently discovered that I can come up with some decent drawings when I want to and I would really like to see how that skill can progress.

4) I am branching out for the first time in my life to start trying to make money more on my own. I am so nervous about this!! We will see how it goes. I will post more about this later when I have everything ready.

5) I have figured out my first continual post idea!!! I will share it more later this weekend. It involves pictures. ;)

6) I have really started working harder on my photography skills. I definitely have desired this for years and I am so thankful to have a boyfriend who shares the same passion I do. I love working with him and learning from him. Once I edit all of the photos, I will post some… and I CAN’T WAIT!!

What exciting changes are going on in your world?

Kitten Cuddles

Alright everyone! I guess I will stop rambling on. I think my medicine has kicked in while typing this post, so I am not sure how interesting this was for you. Crick, my kitten, is dying for some attention. He keeps standing up so I can’t seen my screen. I think I will take the hint and start cuddling now. Hopefully sleeps soon! :)

love, erin

Good evening, everyone! I have a good feeling that this post will be filled with a lot of nonsense. I hope that is ok with you all! ;)

My head is all jumbled with everything I have going on. I have good reason when my day started bright and early at 5am and is still going! It really has been a “best” day, though. I have had fun being productive. I managed to start AND finish the laundry (even make sure everything gets put away!), clean my room (a HUUUGE feat), take care of some bank stuff, and run tons of errands. :)

Probably the most satisfying part of my day was getting to spend time with my good friend, Ria. She and I have decided to share our talents with each other. So, I joined her at the design department at her school to hang out with her while she worked on a garment. Not even 30 minutes into hanging out, I was cutting fabric and learning how to use draping to make a pattern. I successfully finished it, too! I felt so accomplished! Here is a photo of what the front looks like:

drapingFor those of you who can’t guess, this is not the actual fabric that we will use. This is what we did to make the pattern. I am actually heading to meet Ria at her house to work on making the dress later tonight. We have the most adorable knit fabric, that caught both of our attention at the store today, that we are using to make leggings. Oh, I can’t wait to post when it is finished! Hopefully we will finish it tonight. Who knows? :)

I am so incredibly excited to be working with Ria. We are in the process of working on some future plans to try out together. It could be amazing. I do have to say that I think more fashion design and dress-making is definitely in my future. Well, maybe I should learn to work the sewing machine a little better before saying that. Ha!

I guess I will stop talking you crazy about that. I am sure you all understand what it is like when you find something you are excited about. In fact, I am rather curious…

What all have you recently gotten excited about? Maybe you picked up a new hobby or craft. Or you were offered a new job. Got a puppy (or a kitten.. or fish… you get the idea). Whatever it is, I would love to hear about it! What is making you all giddy and excited to start each day?

Before I go, I want to say another quick thank you to everyone who read my post about my family. To those of you who wrote me comments and emails with encouraging words and advice, to those who donated, to those who are helping with other fundraisers to raise money… to all of you: THANK YOU ALL OVER THE PLACE!! I know I have probably said that enough times that you are tired of hearing it, but we want you to know that we will always remember what you did for us. You have blessed our lives more than we can tell you.┬áMy sister told me the other day that she is planning to write you all soon through my blog, so stay tuned. :))) For those of you who may not have had the chance to donate or help, but still want to, you can email me at erinsunday3.5(at)gmail(dot)com. Donations are still welcome.

Since I have been talking about family a lot lately, I thought I would introduce you to two of my four wonderful sisters: Jackie and Kim. I recently took photos of the two of them together and the photo below was definitely an outtake! I just thought it would be fun to see how incredibly goofy we are when you get us together. :)

love, erin

Fun Times

Sick Sunday

So, this Sunday, I am a sick Sunday. I lost my voice this afternoon and haven’t gotten it back yet. I have a lot of flu symptoms but I don’t have a fever yet. I think it may be a bad cold? Will is not feeling very well, either (As displayed in the above photo). Anyway, I am watching Evita and am loving it! Music really moves me and so musicals are definitely my favorite thing to watch. Say what you want… Evita is a brilliant movie and Madonna is one of my favorites! Antonio is hilarious in it as well. :)

I guess I don’t really have much to say, except a couple things. First, please come back tomorrow. I am planning on posting something in reference to the news I received the other night. Please, please aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thank you!

Also, please check out my boyfriend’s blog post. He has this amazing idea for a shoot and I really want this to happen. I am helping too! Please, please, PLEASE aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!

love you all. for reals. erin


I don’t have the energy to post anything really interesting tonight. H.O.W.E.V.E.R, I wanted to post something. So, there you have it. A photo of me and the coolest dog that ever lived. His name was Max(imus) and he lived up to the expectations that came with his name. Fight it all you want. You know I’m right. Just look at that photo. He’s so adorable and I… well I… well you just keep looking at him and we won’t worry about me. ;)

I am off to try this thing called slumber. I heard it’s awesome. Loves!