Rude Awakenings and Kitten Cuddles


I fell asleep last night before 10pm (I think), which is pretty ridiculous. It was just what I needed, though, after being awake longer than my sick little body needed to be the night before. I was able to get a few good hours of rest before Will’s work called him to remind him (at 5am!!!) that he was covering for a coworker this morning. That blasted ringtone wrapped itself around my ears and shook me into tomorrow! Needless to say, I am wide awake. ;)

I am pretty sure that my cold has decided to work in reverse this time. Usually, I feel great after a couple days; however, I feel horribly stuffy this morning. I know what normally works for me with colds, but do any of you have great miracle suggestions?

Since I can’t sleep, I thought I would talk a little bit about some exciting changes for me.

1) As you all know, I am starting to learn more about fashion design and what all one has to do to make her own clothes. So far, it is sooooo easy! There are just a lot of steps involved.

2) I have decided to start journaling again. Writing has always been something I have been really into… and good at according to everyone who has read my writings. Starting to read and write at 3 really helped, I think. Anyway, I miss my Moleskine. I think it misses me, as well. It is where I unleash all the parts of me that no one else really sees. But, if I come up with anything really great, I will share. ;)

3) This kind of goes along with the previous, but I want to start figuring out and perfecting my drawing style. I just recently discovered that I can come up with some decent drawings when I want to and I would really like to see how that skill can progress.

4) I am branching out for the first time in my life to start trying to make money more on my own. I am so nervous about this!! We will see how it goes. I will post more about this later when I have everything ready.

5) I have figured out my first continual post idea!!! I will share it more later this weekend. It involves pictures. ;)

6) I have really started working harder on my photography skills. I definitely have desired this for years and I am so thankful to have a boyfriend who shares the same passion I do. I love working with him and learning from him. Once I edit all of the photos, I will post some… and I CAN’T WAIT!!

What exciting changes are going on in your world?

Kitten Cuddles

Alright everyone! I guess I will stop rambling on. I think my medicine has kicked in while typing this post, so I am not sure how interesting this was for you. Crick, my kitten, is dying for some attention. He keeps standing up so I can’t seen my screen. I think I will take the hint and start cuddling now. Hopefully sleeps soon! :)

love, erin

  1. janel said:

    Sounds like there are some exciting things coming up for you!!
    Feel better :)
    I love you blog, keep posting!

  2. Jackie said:

    there must be a cold going around because i’m stuck in bed too with one! In case you’ve never tried it, Emergen-C packets work wonders. I have the pink lemonade flavored pack and you simply put it in water and drink up! It’s filled with Vitamin-C, so it helps you get better.
    feel better! xoxo

    • Does it taste alright? I will have to try that. Thanks! :)

  3. Coralene said:

    Hello! Having a blog is fun, but nothing compares to Moleskines! I still take mine everywhere I go… I stopped for awhile but had to start again when I realized they made them in pink and green.

    Hope you feel better!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I love my black one. I decorate each one differently so I can keep track of which one is which. :)

  4. Jamie said:

    Hope you feel better today, love!
    When I said that I felt like I was getting sick, somebody suggested “Barocca” (I think was the spelling). They said it worked for them.
    Lots of OJ & vitamin C is all I know!
    Hope you got some good sleep! I fell asleep at about the same time myself but slept until about 7:30 when Grayson came in and asked to get between Brian and me. Then he asked me “Where do the generous people live?” Huh? What four year old uses the word “generous”?!?!?! lol

    • haha He’s so cute. Thanks for the suggestions! I will have to look that Barocca stuff, for sure!

  5. First I love that you have WPTouch so I can read your blog easily on my phone. Kudos!

    As to what I do to get over colds I take lots of DayQuill / NyQuill (namebrand seems to work best) so I can still do a few things. Then I down lots of orange juice & Naked juice. I also force myself to take a few doses of Airborne. These tend to help speed up recovery for me, but obviously don’t work for everyone.

    As to exciting changes you’ve probably seen all my tweets about I’m hoping to launch it this weekend sometime!!

    Great blog post and I look forward to all you have planned.

    • Yes, I saw! I am looking forward to seeing it when you launch.
      I will be sure to keep drinking OJ.
      Glad you like the blog. Thanks!!

  6. skunkboy said:

    Dear Miss Sunday,
    I like you and I like your blog. The end.
    xoxo Katie

    • Dear Miss Katie,
      Ditto. The End.
      xoxo Erin

  7. Jenipher said:

    It all sounds so inspiring!! I can’t wait to read more about your progression!!

    I’m going/feeling a lot of those same things, so I can totally realate. :)

  8. amy lapi said:

    those sound like really exciting changes! i’ve been attempting to make my own clothes too.. i’m just not great at it. it’s so fun… i would love to see what you make!


    OH! feel better, dear.

    • Thanks! I am learning but I have a long way to go. :)

  9. Katja said:

    you know what works best when you have a cold?! tea and chocolate and your favorite tv show. my grandma always used to cook homemade chicken soup for me when i was sick. it’s really helpful because of the vitamins and stuff!!!!!

    oh, and i have something for you to do today over at my blog ;) just in case you want to craft <3

    i hope, you will get better soon! oh, and one lovely lady wrote in a comment below my blogpost about you that she ordered the hat from vivianna so the money will be yours! isn't that great?! <3
    i hope, you will collect enough money, cutie!


    • I like the way you think. ;)
      I will be sure to check out your blog soon. Still feeling a little too sick. :(
      Thanks for the well wishes!
      love, erin

  10. Amy said:

    I swear by Vitamin Waters when I’m sick. The last couple of years I’ve been downing Vitamin Water once I feel like I’m get sick and I seem t get better SO much faster/ And Nyquil if you have trouble sleeping!

    • mmm… I may just have to go get one now. :)

  11. erin said:

    I just happened upon your blog…very adorable. Also adorable is your kitten…you didn’t happen to name him after Francis Crick did you? If so between us we have a pair of kitty Nobel prize winners (my cat is James Watson)!

    • No, but that is AWESOME!! I named him after Harold Crick in Stranger Than Fiction. It’s my favorite movie. :)

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