“Sunday Best”… on Monday. ;)

Hello, all! I have decided on my first continual blog post. Every Sunday, I will post photos of my favorite things from the previous week. It will be called “Sunday Best.” Last week was crazy so I am a little late posting, but it works. I would also like to ask you to forgive the quality of these photos. Most of these were taken with my phone because I didn’t have my camera with me. Hopefully, next week will be better. :)

I thought this up around the middle of last week so I only have a couple favorite things from last week, but they… are… awesome!!

Annika's journalFavorite #1: Making things even better! I have had this Moleskine journal for the longest time and it has gone unused. So, I decided to make it a little cuter for my boyfriend’s niece. I added a vinyl sticker from Red Velvet Art and a few buttons of the same color. I think it turned out really cute. :)

yarnFavorite #2: Yarn. Is there really anything more to say? ;)

boots!Favorite #3: Boots! I have been patiently shopping around for a great used pair of boots for literally years. The boots I see are never my size… until NOW! I found these the other day after only about 10 minutes walking around a local flea market. Yay!

mmmFavorite #4: Good advice over good beer. Will and I discussed future plans over dinner the other night. It really inspired me to pursue a new opportunity. So excited!

before...Favorite #5: Giving Crick a ball of yarn to play with while I am gone…

after!!… and coming home to this. I really couldn’t help but laugh! :)
!!!Favorite #6: The boy. There are so many, many reasons why Will is my favorite. I honestly can’t even begin to tell you the amount of love I have for this gentleman. I get photos and messages like these every day.

loveHe’s certainly the tops!

yay!Favorite #7: Helping make this dress! It was my first ever. It’s super simple but so pretty. I would wear it, if it were my size. :)

teacher, teacherFavorite #8: Teaching my sister to crochet. It was such a fun experience! She was so cute because she just didn’t get it at first. I admire her patience, though. :)

scarf!Favorite #9: Finishing my first scarf! I made this for another sister. When I saw her this weekend, she told me she wanted some purple and pink in it. I thought she was crazy at first, but it actually turned out alright. I am happy with it, seeing as it’s the first time I tried. :)

pastFavorite #10: Revisiting the past. This weekend I went to my dad’s house in Joplin. My sisters and I went through quite a few old photos from when we were kids. We sat for at least a good hour just sharing memories and such. It was the first time I have looked at photos of my mother in quite some time. I think I had forgotten what her smile looked like. I miss her. It was good to see her again. :)

famryFavorite #11: Family. I took this photo on my way out the door to head back to Springfield. I did not want to go. Some of my family had just gotten there. It was such a lovely day, though. I was able to catch up with two of my sisters and my father and step-mother. We drew names for Christmas, but I am not telling who I got. ;)

Well, that is it for this week. I guess I had more favorites than I thought. It was a wonderful week. How did you spend your week and what were your most favorite moments?

love, erin

  1. skunkboy said:

    Yay for boots, yay for good beer, yay for Mr. Will, yay for kitties with yarn, yay for your pretty dress and pretty scarf, and yay for your family. I like your Sunday Best. *Kisses*

  2. elsie said:

    CUTE boots!! we should go shopping soon. you know, bargain hunting ;). XO

  3. Jamie said:

    Looove this post!!! So many things to comment on! ;)
    1. The picture of your cat and the green yarn everywhere seriously made me crack up!!!! Love it!
    2. Love the journal!
    3. Loooove the scarf!!! I want one. And you need to teach me how to crochet. =)
    4. The photo of Will reminded me of something Brian did once. We also used to leave each other notes like that (haven’t done it in awhile). One time he said he wanted to do something different so he wrote “I love you” by bending q-tips to make the letters. Ha!
    5. Love the boots! And love the pic of you showing the boots even more! So cute!
    6. Yarn. I’m truly obsessed with it right now. I’m especially obsessed with rolling it and getting it lined up perfectly. OCD? Maybe.
    Love you!

    • I think it’s important to be OCD, right? Right! Thanks for commenting on everything. I love you, you’re awesome. :) That is so cute that Brian made the Q-tip words. So creative! Once I finish with the list of others who want one, I would be happy to make one for you. :)

  4. Vivianna said:

    this is a really cute post. I the photo of the yarn ;)

    have a great rest of the week

    • Yay! Thanks! I just wrote you an email. :)

  5. MJ said:

    i love it all! such a great post…have i told you that i’m super stoked you’re addicted to this blogging thing? oh yeah, only like, 5 times already :] i love the post, love the blog, and love you!

  6. Jamie said:

    And you know what else? I love that you comment on everybody’s comments. That’s so sweet! And it makes me come back to read what you wrote for me. lol ;)

    • Well, you all have spent time commenting, so I want to comment back. I want to know the people who read my blog. :)

  7. Danielle said:

    oooh! love that iPhone case (hehe, i have the same one!) and you and will are so cute!! :) lovely photos!

    • Yeah, I love that case soooooo freaking much! haha

  8. Lígia said:

    All the photos are so cute! I mean, you are so cute whole the time. :)

  9. craftyfox said:

    Love this! Especially Crick and the yarn-aftermath.

    • I am so glad you loved it! Crick is a real fireball. I really enjoyed last week. It was pretty fun.

  10. Kim Sunday said:

    I really enjoyed this post. :o)

  11. Kim Sunday said:

    My favorite part is the photos of Crick playing with the yarn!

    • That seems to be everyone’s favorite part. haha

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