Holy Geez! Tomorrow?

El Mustache-o Big-oSo, I am at Red Velvet Art today, working in the shop (be jealous) and thinking about Halloween. I totally realized that I need a costume, like by tomorrow. I decided to try out some of our wonderful mustaches. The big ones were waaaay too big. I grabbed a smaller one… and found a pair of our new glasses (We had a new update! Check it out!!)…

yipes!… and apparently started having too much fun. Ha! And then I realized…

dad?I look like my father. :-/ So kids, I need a new costume. Ideas? What are you all going to dress up as? Promise not to steal it!

I’ll be back with more later. I’ve had a good last few days. :)

love, erin

  1. Kellie said:

    I ran across your blog from your flickr. I love it! Very inspirational and I love your writing! Major skills. :)

    I actually wasn’t going to dress up this year, I thought about making it real low key. However, I finally caught the Halloween bug- and I’m gonna be Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffanys.

    ideas: put a potted plant on your head (and go as a pot head) or I liked the idea from the office last night: write Book on your face (facebook).ha!

    • haha I love your last idea! That is wonderful. I miss watching the office. I watch it online when I can. :)

      I bet you’ll be a wonderful Audrey! I thought about being Amelie from the scene where she is in the photo booth. :)

      Thank you so much for your encouragement about my blog. I LOVE to write. I had lost touch with it for a couple years until just when I started this. I will check yours out when I am finished at work. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Jamie said:

    Ha! You’re too cute! I love you!

    • oooooooh!!! But my friend is already borrowing the blonde wig! :((

  3. skunkboy said:

    Man, you look HOT in that last photo. If Will weren’t around… uh… I mean… uh… I gotta go…

    • oh… uh… heeeeEEEEEECK YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! haha You made me laugh out loud and no one was here. Awesome!

  4. Jackie said:

    your blog is so cute!
    it always makes me smile!
    this year, my friends and i grabbed hot pink leg warmers, fanny packs, scrunchies, and leggings and are going as 80’s work out girls! it’s comfy, easy, and (i think) super cute!

    i even get to bust out the bright blue eyeshadow and hot pink lip gloss : )

    • I actually thought about doing that because I have everything to make that costume already. Hmm… ;)

  5. Haley said:

    Oh MAN, Erin!
    You better get on that costume.
    Since I found out TODAY that Rocky Horror isn’t showing tomorrow (freaking.pissed.off), I’m going out as a 50s pin up. Haha. How often is it that a girl gets to put on fishnets and a way-too-short polka dot dress, and heels and look totally skankalicious without being called a whore? :]]
    I’m stoked!

    • I think that would just be Halloween. haha Have fun! I still don’t know what I am going to be but I am sure it will work, whatever the idea. :)

  6. You are too cute!! I failed to think ahead about my costume too, so I’m wearing my skeleton shirt [love RVA] and I painted bones on my arms! [I posted a picture here…http://www.flickr.com/photos/29198479@N04/4061382234/%5D There you go, hah. You may use the idea, although there is some good ones in the comments above. I love the facebook one, ahah.

    • Ha! That is awesome! Yea, I am wearing my skeleton shirt right now as well. I have some ideas for the future but not worth the effort this year. :)

  7. Amy said:

    I’m totally jealous!

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