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Hey! I was going through my Photo Booth photos and thought it would be fun to share some of the with you. Here is the first batch of the best Photo Booth photos I’ve taken since I got my Mac. (Yes, I am a Mac.) I will be back tomorrow with more! :))Can you tell that, even though 2009 was a pain sometimes, we made it a good year? :) Have a beautiful night. I love you and you and you and…

love, scout

p.s. Take a look below at the other posts from the last couple days. :)


Hey there! So, my week was so jammed with stuff that I didn’t have much time to take photos. However, I still will share a bit about my week, along with a few other things. These things made my week great:

Being featured on one of my pretty friends’ blog. She is super sweet and crafty. Check her out!

Chatting it up with some lovelies.

Such a cool photo shoot with an awesome guy!

Secret projects! Muah hahahahaha!!

Cutting out store decorations for RVA. :))

This guy. Always, this guy. :)

So, yeah. I guess I didn’t have a lot of new photos, but you get the idea that it was still a decent week. Now, on to more stuff…

So, I have these ideas. Lots and lots of them. I just need people to help me out. If you are in town and want to help with a photo shoot or two (or three or…) email me at erinsundayphoto[at]

Also, I am having an Alice in Wonderland inspired costume party. I want it to be decorated like crazy because a lot of people from all over are coming. I have some really great ideas but I want more! I could use any ideas from decorations, table centerpieces, photo booth props, backdrops, etc. (Ask your friends, too!) Email me if you have some at erinsunday3.5[at]gmail. I only have a month to get everything in order. It’s exciting but could very easily get stressful with all the other stuff going on right now. Ok, so I guess that is all for now. I look forward to hearing from you guys!

How was your week? I ask a lot, but hardly ever get an answer. So, tell me! How was it?

love, scout

p.s. I’m tired of trying to keep track of the week number for this, so I won’t be doing it any more. ha.

Hey guys! Sorry I have been gone for so long. I was sick AGAIN. Last night I fell asleep at 7:30pm and didn’t wake up until almost 10 this morning! I will be back sometime tomorrow… PROMISE! Until then, add me at these places (no particular order):





Also, if you know of people who might like my stuff, tell them to add me as well. Ha! Thanks, everyone! I am really trying to go at this photography thing hardcore and I can use all the support I can get. It really means more than I can say.

love, scout

That is how I can describe the time spent at a shoot with my new friend, Matthew. He needed some photos for some really awesome stuff he is involved in. That is where I came in; however, if you know me, we didn’t stop there. We ended up hanging out and taking photos for over 4 hours and getting some of the best shots I think I have captured to date. I am so thankful that I was able to work with him. Will was so great, too! He came and helped a lot. We work so great together as a team. :)))) I think that we all will be doing some great stuff together in the future. Here are some of the shots from yesterday. Let me know what you think! :)

I am really wanting to schedule more shoots. Right now, my rates are pretty low. I am up for traveling as well, if needed (within reason). I am also trying to dabble in a little bit of everything for a bit to figure out what direction I want to head as far as style and whatnot. Feel free to email me for more information at erinsundayphoto[at]gmail[dot]com. I don’t bite and I will work with you on things. :)

In other news, I am currently taking custom orders for the headband styles in my etsy shop. If you have a different idea for headbands or photo prints, go ahead and ask me about it. I may just try it out for you. :)

love, scout

I had the best day! I slept in, which my sick little body needed. I then went to a meeting pertaining to a really fun, secret project I am working on! At 2pm, I met up with a super cool guy for a photo shoot. It lasted over 4 hours and was constantly fun. I was so excited about the photos we got, that I went to Starbucks to start editing. HOWEVER, this happened (see photo below).

It was worth it. It was nice to finally chat with some friends like this. Although, it turned rather interesting for a bit. ;)

I did end up editing and I am so excited to show you!! It must wait a little while, though. :) Off to bed for me!

What did you do tonight?

love, scout

Good morning! I hope you are excited about the day as much as I am. It is going to be jammed full of fun stuff! I just wanted to stop in really quick to show you a few photos I took the other day. It was soooo nice out that Will and I decided to spend some time at the park across the street from our loft. :)

Happy Wednesday! I will be back soon! :)))

love, scout