3 of a Kind

How many of us love photography? I don’t honestly think I know a single person who admits to NOT loving a good photograph.

My dream is to become a photographer who consistently takes beautiful photos, improving with each one I take. I want to teach and encourage others, as well, to grow in their passions. It is so important to embrace the talents we possess and the desires we hold. So, naturally I couldn’t resist joining a couple of my friends in challenging ourselves to taking photos every week by a prompt. We had started a blog but quickly found it was too difficult for us to keep up with it while taking care of all the other projects we had going on. Although that blog is no longer in use, we still want to keep the idea of using the prompts and encourage others to join us.

Here are photos I have taken based on some of the prompts:

In an attempt to make this happen, I have decided to post the photos I take for each prompt here each week. And I will post the prompt for the next week every Sunday. This week’s prompt will come later tonight. :)

If you are interested in being a participant in this, please email me at photo[dot]prompts[at] and tell me your name and a little about yourself, as well as any questions or concerns you may have for me. Also, if you have suggestions for prompts, certainly send them my way to that email address, also. This is something that I am really excited about and want to share this experience with others. All photos that are submitted will be posted, so it can be fun for everyone! So, who wants to join me? :)

love, scout