A Soaked Saturday, Indeed

Tank tops and snow caps? Yep, that’s how I roll! :)

It’s a cold and rainy Saturday in Springfield. It wasn’t my idea and I honestly wasn’t happy to wake up this morning to the weather. One good thing about it? I get to wear my lovely white hat that I bought on sale a few weeks ago, right as it was warming up. I am pretty excited that I get to wear it a lot sooner than I thought, even if I stay inside all day. :)

I am off to start working now. Opening the shop in a few moments. What are you up to on this Saturday?

love, scout

  1. Carol said:

    that hat is sooo pretty!! are you getting any snow in springfield? i enjoyed the 65 degree weather yesterday. and then woke up to snow on the ground and it is reeeaaalllly snowing now! I’m real sad. I am ready for spring! Luckily I heard it was going to warm up so I’m ok with it :) Hope your weekend is amazing!! <3

    • I don’t remember if we were getting snow. Sorry. lol

  2. Meg said:

    Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do in Missouri to get in the mood for Spring, but still stay warm! It is snowing like crazy here in Adrian! Thanks so much for changing my order for the t-shirt, you are a doll! I am going to have to get down to Springfield sometime soon to do some shopping actually in the shop!! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!

    • No problem on the order. And hurry if you want to come visit the shop. It temporarily closes May 10!

  3. Haley said:

    helloooo miss. guess what? i miss yo face! i haven’t seen you in like, 2 weeks. even then, we didn’t get to talk much. lets chill soon, ok? :))

    • yes, yes, yes! I am almost always willing to move things around to hang with you!

  4. james said:

    i love your widdle pom pom hat. cutie pie!

    • Ha! Cutest comment ever to me? Cussin’ yes!

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