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It will be mine someday. First, I will have some crazy white hair. Where is all of this coming from? Well, I promised my friend Mackenzie that I would dye my hair when we moved to Nashville, but that I would leave it white for a bit. I have been wanting to do it since she talked me into it, and then I went to Miss Amanda’s blog the other night and saw this:

Could she be any cuter? Thank you, Amanda, for making it even harder for me to resist pink hair. ;)

love, erin

(Sorry, folks! I don’t have direct links to any of these other photos. I pulled them off of Tumblr mainly for a collection of pictures to show the stylist and have forgotten where each came from.)


Like I said a few posts back, I have been going through my old files and finding some forgotten treasures. I plan on sharing those with you over the next few days as I catch up from the time lost during vacation (not complaining).

At our last apartment in Springfield, we had a creepy old basement. My dear friend, Amy, and I decided to take advantage of that and do a styled shoot. At the time, we had only worked together once and it didn’t go well. (Freezing temperatures without proper attire never bodes well with outdoor shoots with new acquaintances. We should have known better. ha) However, our second attempt went so much better! These are my favorite images from that night.

So, I just wanted to stop by and share a few photos of Amy that I took this evening. Not all would be considered favorites of mine from this shoot, but I thought I would share anyway. Can you guess which one I am in love with?!? :)

I cannot wait to edit the rest of the photos from this fun time, but I must sleep a while. Stay tuned for I have lots more to show you! :)

love, scout

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone! I just wanted to stop by really quick before getting too into my work for the day. I am thinking about making this a little ritual of mine. You know, wake up and eat breakfast while blogging. Sounds lovely, eh? ;)

Anyway, I am hoping to write another post sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. For now, I am working in the shop. I am excited that we have a huge front window for me to watch the snow come down! I say excited now, but I will be dreading being out in that snow once 5pm rolls around. haha

SIDE NOTE: Make sure you stop by the online store tonight. Elsie is planning a mini-update! It should be great, like always. :)

What does your day hold for you? Tell me, tell me!! :)

love, scout

P.S. I promise to comment back to you all by later tonight. Sorrryyyyy!

Will and I have been dating almost two years, and he has been saying he wants a tattoo pretty much the whole time. Thursday night, he received his first tattoo. Naturally, I had to join in on the fun!

We took photos while getting our tattoos (and took plenty this weekend) but I honestly haven’t had time to edit them. While we were in Joplin celebrating Christmas with my family, we asked my dad (also a lover of photography) to take a photo of us with them.

It turned out beautiful! I am so happy that our tattoos just happened to look good together! We didn’t plan on matching tattoos or anything. We just both have a passion for photography. This photo serves as a reminder of the time in our lives we started pursuing some big goals together. This is also the first of hopefully many, many “couple” photos. I love Will very much. We are in this together now, and I couldn’t be happier. :-)