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Will and I took a trip to the YMCA Trout Lodge near Potosi, MO two weeks ago. We were arriving in celebration of Will’s parents’ anniversary. It was just what we needed. We were able to see his wonderful family and disconnect from our everyday lives for a couple days. It was beautiful at this lodge!

The first day was spent just enjoying the family and focusing on what is most important. The next day was spent saying goodbyes and then exploring a little with our cameras before going back to Nashville. It was the first time in quite a while that I picked up my film camera. It was the first time that I really worked hard at learning how to use it. I used some “play” film I bought at Urban Outfitters and a light meter to try things out. I also wrote the camera settings I used for each photograph I took. [The main goal with this roll was exposure. I wanted to focus on learning that because I already knew this camera had its issues. This was my dad’s camera for many, many years (He loves photography, too!). He gave it to me as a Christmas gift two years ago. While it is my only camera right now and a prized possession, there is something wrong with the focus. Yes, I realize that it is all manual but my Dad and I have both noticed something off about it. Also, there are light leaks. Anyway, I say all this to acknowledge the fact that some of these photographs are just not focused right. However, they still make me so happy when I look at them. This is what I have to look back on from our trip. Focused or not, they are special. :)]

Will was there to help me a bit. He is so patient and has been great about answering even the silliest questions I have.

We spent about an hour at the lodge and then started making our way toward TN.

I didn’t finish the whole roll. I’ll be honest, I don’t like wasting exposures just to finish a roll. I want to really work on my skill (I totally said that in a Napoleon Dynamite voice.) and taking no-good photos just to be done with a roll seems silly to me. Anyway, I waited to use up the rest of the film until a trip out to a lake area near our apartment a few days later. It was rainy and everything seemed to have a fog to it.

I felt completely at peace. I realized that afternoon that I didn’t have to drive hours away to get the same feeling I had at that lodge. I could rest at home, too. :) 


Hey there! I have decided to take a vacation from Sunday Best this week because, well, this week was a bit on the sucky side. Don’t get me wrong! There were very beautiful things that happened this week. The bad, unfortunately took all my energy so I wanted to save the next post to be an amazing one! I guess that is a double bonus because it creates a challenge for me to make this next week such a great one. :-)

Anyway, I didn’t want to go without posting something. Tonight, I stumbled upon some old photos I took back when I was living in Florida (I think one  was from California.) I thought I would share. :))

I miss Florida a lot sometimes. I tried some things and learned a lot while I was there. I held my first Nikon in Florida. It was love from the beginning. :)

This photo was taken right after I moved back to Springfield. Seeing this really makes me miss my dark hair. It also makes me even more impatient for my long hair to come back to me! I told the boy that I wouldn’t die my hair back until I grew it out and saw the length with the red. It is soooo hard, though! ha

I hope you all had a wonderful week and even better weekend. Get ready… the work week is almost here! :-)

love, scout