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He was 5 days old when I took these photos! He was so tiny and sweet. His parents are the greatest as well. :)

Josh and Jorni were so smitten with him. It was adorable! They made it easy to document their morning. I had never photographed a baby that young before. It was such a great experience!

We had to get some photos with Dad’s stuff. ;-)

Saxton wore his daddy’s baby clothes in these photos. He looked just like a doll sleeping in them. So precious!

The nursery was amazing. Jorni had found an artist who helped custom make most of the decor items in the room. She made quite a bit of Saxton’s things as well. She is rather crafty! ;)

Their dog was so mild tempered but you could tell he was a little over this new baby business. I managed to snap a photo of him lounging in between shots. He made it into quite a few others, also.
I am still so happy I was able to meet this wonderful family. I am excited for them and hope that I am as calm and put together 5 days after my baby is here (one day) as they were!

love, erin


Like I said a few posts back, I have been going through my old files and finding some forgotten treasures. I plan on sharing those with you over the next few days as I catch up from the time lost during vacation (not complaining).

At our last apartment in Springfield, we had a creepy old basement. My dear friend, Amy, and I decided to take advantage of that and do a styled shoot. At the time, we had only worked together once and it didn’t go well. (Freezing temperatures without proper attire never bodes well with outdoor shoots with new acquaintances. We should have known better. ha) However, our second attempt went so much better! These are my favorite images from that night.