Time to Think.

Starting in November, people pick up the pace. They rush around preparing for the holidays not realizing that they are also rushing into the next year. It seems that most don’t give thought to much outside of the holidays until after they are watching them end. Then the review of the last year starts. This is not so for me. Instead, the holidays bring about a whole season of reflection, thought, and gratefulness. Life has been hectic and unpredictable since we moved to Joplin in January. This year has brought almost constant transition and has changed both Will’s and my life. We have made so very many friends and have started patching up last year’s wounds. Things are looking up and our hearts are so full. I have never been so excited for the things to come. I have never had better friends. I have never been more in love. I never understood true happiness…

… but I am sure I do now.

  1. You’re lovely. I hope we get to meet in real life someday soon. Here’s to a lovely new year for you and Will! xo

  2. Annie said:

    I LOVE this! And you are so pretty :) So happy to hear of your happiness :)

  3. margot said:

    i love this post and that photo is gorgeous!
    and happy to hear that you are happy :-) you deserve it! you’re a great gal!

  4. Rosa said:

    I love your perspective on things. It’s the perfect time of year to be positive and let our spirits be uplifted by the wonderful things in our lives. I hope you maintain this perspective even when you face difficult obstables in the future. :)

  5. Caitlin said:

    What a gorgeous picture and a wonderful reminder. <3 I wish you the best for the remainder of this year and the beginning of the next!

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