Help! (Self Portrait Ideas)

Self Portraits.

I posted these in order of when they were taken.

This is the closest I have come to taking a self portrait since last May. Last May!

I want to start taking SPs again, but I would love to have some ideas. A couple of these were taken for prompts and I loved working with a concept! I plan on making a list of my own ideas but I’d love to hear yours.

So tell me, what are some ideas or concepts that you all have? ;)

love, erin

  1. Caitlin said:

    These are lovely, and say so much!

  2. emjay said:

    Sorry I don’t have any ideas, but oh my god…the ones of you in the slip in the old apartment are stunning! How have i never seen them before?!? You are beautiful, best friend. Love you!

    • I don’t know! I posted them! I think it may have been on the old blog that I did photo prompts with. Glad you like it! I really do. It was a prompt to recreate an old memory. The memory was from when I was little and my mom used to cuddle with me in her recliner. She usually wore silk nightgowns and I used to hold a piece of it in my fingers until I fell asleep. The slip I am wearing is hers. It makes me feel really feminine when I wear it. Looking at the photos make me smile and remember a happy memory with my mom. :)

  3. Katie said:

    i love the third and the fourth ones especially. i’m not a big picture taker though, so no ideas from me!

  4. margot said:

    your self portraits are beautiful fyi!!!

  5. hi!
    I just found your blog and i LOVE it <3 I will be following you(; (creepy huh?:p)
    Love the photo with the paint(: i just started a blog with my best friend, and she is a photographer! We both love to take portraits ( Im and art student, so i like to paint them aswell:p) we have a photo day so maybe you could take some inspiration if you like. We recently discovered that using the sun a mirror (if you dont have professional lighting) it works really great! and you can use all sort of props, maybe books, fabric, chairs even food!
    well, hope you re having an awesome day Erin, im glad i found you(:

    Carmila Ponycat (

    • Aww, Thank you! Not creepy at all. :) I do have professional light but it is always good to know what you can do without it to get similar results.

  6. CaL said:

    The one with you covered in paint is totally epic. I think you’d make a great ballerina. Don’t ask me why…but I could just see you prancing around with a unicorn or swan. Or maybe an uber hipster autumn portrait in your new city! I looooove your photos Erin!

    • Aww! Did you know I wanted to be a ballerina growing up? I still wish my mom hadn’t pulled me out of ballet. Thank you so much. ;)

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