Meet Little Saxton

He was 5 days old when I took these photos! He was so tiny and sweet. His parents are the greatest as well. :)

Josh and Jorni were so smitten with him. It was adorable! They made it easy to document their morning. I had never photographed a baby that young before. It was such a great experience!

We had to get some photos with Dad’s stuff. ;-)

Saxton wore his daddy’s baby clothes in these photos. He looked just like a doll sleeping in them. So precious!

The nursery was amazing. Jorni had found an artist who helped custom make most of the decor items in the room. She made quite a bit of Saxton’s things as well. She is rather crafty! ;)

Their dog was so mild tempered but you could tell he was a little over this new baby business. I managed to snap a photo of him lounging in between shots. He made it into quite a few others, also.
I am still so happy I was able to meet this wonderful family. I am excited for them and hope that I am as calm and put together 5 days after my baby is here (one day) as they were!

love, erin

  1. Annie said:

    Oh these are so incredibly beautiful! :)

    • Isn’t he just beautiful?!? I loved being a part of this morning.

  2. Caitlin said:

    These are just lovely. Babies are some of my favorite subjects to photograph.

    • Yeah, he didn’t do much but was so precious. I want a baby of my own so bad. haha

  3. Carol said:

    these are beautiful photos! I wish you were closer still so you could do our baby when he is born. You are an amazing photographer!!

    • Aww, thanks so much, Carol! I wish I could too. Maybe we can arrange something for when I make a trip that way. I will be visiting quite often. :)

      • Carol said:

        Oh yes! That would be amazing! You should keep me updated if you make a trip out here after November when he is born! It would be awesome if we could get that to work out!

      • My sisters’ birthdays are right around Thanksgiving so I just might be around there. :)

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