Happy Sunday!

I just wanted to stop by really quick to show you a photo I found of a beautiful friend that I love dearly and miss so much! It made me happy to come across this the other day!

Now, go and enjoy the day! I am on my way to Springfield for photo sessions and friend fun!

For those of you in Missouri area… What are you doing inside?!? Go soak up the weather! ;-)

Love, Erin

  1. Lex said:

    Ahh, wish it was warm and pretty here! Hope you have a beeeautiful Sunday♥

    • It was pretty lovely. I hope yours was too… despite the weather. :)

  2. Vanessa said:

    Love the photo! And Springfield!? I sure hope you’ll be at the blogger meet up that’s being held there in June! I’m going!<3

    • I am going to try to maybe do the picnic. I have some travel plans in the works and am not sure how that week will look for me. :)

  3. Annie said:

    Beautiful photo! Here in Australia the weather is good too – no day for inside work! :)

    • Exactly! Beautiful days are meant for enjoying! :)

  4. So pretty! I think we should hang out soon! :)

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