More than Just a Painting Party

Ever since we walked out of the house we are attempting to buy for the first time, we have been dreaming and scheming how we want to turn this house into our home. We decided on a general theme for each room, which we wanted to make sure we could love for a long time. From there, we haven’t decided much. I think a lot will play into what we already have and what we find in the weeks after we move. However, this has not stopped me from looking around online for some ideas. :)

I have a running list of ideas I started compiling when I was in high school. Some are, of course, outdated and nothing like what my style is now. There are a few I have held onto. I also have a folder on my desktop for photo inspiration. Here are a few favorites:

My sister kicked off the decor search by sending me an email filled with photos! That is where some of these come from. The rest came from Apartment Therapy, The Inspired Room, and Design*Sponge. :)

AH! I am so excited!! I want to decorate everything right now. I guess step one should be actually getting the house. ;)

I hope your weekend has been great. I am enjoying the beautiful weather we are currently having in Missouri. Spring weather, please stay!

love, erin

  1. Katie said:

    Looove all of the photos! It’s going to be so gorgeous! (I’d love to come help you decorate sometime!) haha ;)


  2. Erin… LOVELY!!
    You’ve just inspired me to paint our shelve/coat rack in the kitchen a delicate yellow.
    These are amazing homes!!
    Can’t wait to see ya’lls when it’s all put together!

    • Yes! I can’t wait either. I will probably consult you on a few things. :)

  3. Oh wow, these are great ideas! Did you realise half of them have soft mint/ pastel blue paint in them? Soft mint is such a great colour, I’m pretty in love with it at the moment too! I wonder if you did it subconsciously? They all look great either way!

    • No I didn’t realize that! haha That is neat. I guess I know what colors to use in my house. :)

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