Photographed Photographers, Pt. 1

In celebration of Will’s birthday, he and I visited dear friends of ours in Nashville last month. It was full of happiness, as Alec and Mackenzie joined in on the fun for a couple days. Those few days we spent in that city will forever stay with me. In some ways, I feel it influenced me to make some really big changes in my life (or at least helped push me to make the changes I only talked about until recently). We also found incredible friends in Josh and Amber. They are amazing people and fantastic photographers. We were lucky enough that they were happy to do a photo session with us. We have only had photos taken of us professionally one other time in the 3 years that we have been together so this was exciting for us!

Now, I am going to pull the crazy blogger move and post 100 bazillion photos because… well… the Ulmers did such a great job photographing us that I could not choose between my favorites (Yes, there are that many favorites.). If any of you have wondered what Will and I were like “in real life,” looking through these photos should help answer that. :)

So, without further ado…

I love Will so, so much. He has really been the second biggest reason (the first being the Lord) for why I am still standing tall after the last few years. He loves me unconditionally and it is amazing to know that he stands by me through everything. Josh and Amber not only saw that in us, but captured it in a way we can look back on it years from now. They have an amazing gift and use it in such a beautiful way. I am so proud to call them very dear friends of mine and am tremendously grateful for their love, hospitality, and insight they gave us while we visited them.

If you don’t already follow them, FOLLOW THEM. They are not only great photographers, but they are husband & wife. They are parents. They are funny. They are crafty. The will brighten your days. :)

You can find them here:



Twitter (Josh)

Twitter (Amber)

If you enjoyed these, please keep your eyes peeled for the second half of my favorites. I will post them tomorrow. I hope you have a super afternoon! I get to spend it snuggling under blankets watching the snow fall again. :)

love, erin

  1. Annie said:

    In love with all of these! I saw them on Josh and Amber’s blog. You guys are incredibly cute! :) :) :)

    • Aww, thanks! We love Josh and Amber so it was an honor to be photographed by them!

  2. Erin,
    I commented on the other post, but I want to here too…
    We had such an amazing time capturing the love between you two. It was so contagious & infectious. So refreshing.
    We love you guys.

    Can’t wait to see you again!


    • We love you guys, too! I would love to do another session with you guys and actually snap some good ones. haha Maybe not freezing will help! ;)

  3. Gel said:

    It’s “without further ado” not “without further adieu”.

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