All Natural.

(photos: will; from issue 1)

As some of you may remember, I worked with a few friends to put together a magazine (AVENEU) last year. It was soooo much fun and, even though we only put out one issue, it was definitely one of my best experiences of 2010. [I should probably share some of my photos from issue one. However, I am having a lazy spurt and don’t want to search for them on my hard drive. Another day, maybe. ;)] The first issue was very well-received but when our graphic designer and main brain behind everything AVENEU moved away, we knew it would be too hard to continue making issues in the same way. So, we stopped but not until after we had shot the majority of photo media for the second issue.

(photos: mackenzie; from issue 1)

I dreamed up, arranged, art directed, and shot two pieces for the second issue. The first was meant to be surrounded by nature and Spring (the shoot took place in April). I wanted each girl to have headpieces that would become part of their hair for the shoot. They would wear light, airy outfits giving off the free-spirited feel of the warmer weather rolling in. I bought the supplies for the headpieces and had the models bring some clothing items from their own wardrobes. I figured that bringing their own clothes would make sure there was more of a chance the girls would find something that would fit right and be more comfortable.

My talented friend, Paris, helped with makeup and most of the girls’ hair. I managed to get one hairpiece done in the time she did the other 3! haha The girls were great sports. Getting ready took almost twice as long as the actual shoot!

Recently, Will and I made a trip to visit our dear friends and Mackenzie, the former AVENEU brainchild who now works for another fantastic Nashville magazine. Upon discussing the old photos we took, we decided that there really wouldn’t be any reason to not post the photos, seeing as there will never be another issue made.

The photos sat in a folder on my laptop from April until, well, yesterday. haha I reopened them, re-edited them (the edits were horrible! haha), and sent them off to the wonderful models.

So, all that is left to do is share them with you. :)





I will be back sometime soon with more photos. I recently started going through my hard drive to erase files I don’t need. In doing so, I have found tons of photos to edit and eventually share. Until then, enjoy your weekend. Happy February a few days late! :)

love, erin

  1. Amanda said:

    Oh my word, I loooove these. Their hair looks awesome!

    • Thanks! I hated these when I first took them. I still feel like they could have been much better. Less staged. Oh well. I love them now, especially after I edited them. :)

  2. Annie said:

    These are gorgeous. Seriously beautiful :) I have always wanted to work for my own magazine – that’s amazing that you got to do that! I’d love to read it :)

    • Thanks! It was quite the amazing experience to dream up a magazine, sit around and talk and plan and talk and plan some more. Then, we gather our resources and made a magazine! I will forever be great friends with the 3 others I worked with. We made something amazing out of “talk.” That alone proves to me that we can do anything we truly want to. ;)

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