Want Some Action?

Photo action that is. ;)

I was in a fantastic mood today and decided to run a temporary special on my photo session prices. I was going to limit the special to the first 10 people who scheduled something with me. However, I had such an interest that I decided to extend it to 30 people. SO! As of now, my prices for sessions are going to be offered at HALF PRICE.

Yes, that is right! Aaaaand if you aren’t needing photos but really want to get in on “the action,” you could buy a session to reserve the spot and then use it whenever you please. :) This doesn’t just apply to Springfield, folks. I will travel (just ask) for the most part!

If you are interested or want further details, you can contact me in the ways listed below:

– Email me at erinsundayphoto[at]gmail[dot]com.

– Message me on Facebook (facebook.com/erinsundayphoto).

– Text me (creepers).

– DM or tweet to me (twitter.com/erinsunday).

If you want to see what I am capable of… check here.

The most important thing I can tell you is that no idea is too silly or “stupid” to me. I want to give you photos you are proud of and excited about. So, throw all of your ideas at me. I don’t *have* to do the typical portrait session. Although, those are super fun, too.

So, all of you who are interested or curious… CONTACT ME! I am excited to hear from you! :)

love, erin

photo of me taken by ulmerstudiosblog.com :)

  1. Annie said:

    Sweet deal… wish I wasn’t so far away :)

    • I did say that! And I will travel to you sooner if you get me work. LOVE YOU!

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