Mama’s Boy, Daddy’s Boy

Is it possible to be both? I think Ryder has shown me that it is. :)

Recently, I went to Lee’s Summit (where my sister and her family live) to help with a surprise for Ryder’s daddy. He was away on a big riding trip through several state parks so this was the perfect time. Rachel transformed a corner of their living room into a candy shop scene. This was by far the most a mom had put into a family shoot that I have worked on. She did a great job *and* she let me have some of the candy. :-)

I’ve posted more (cuter) photos from the shoot here. I am very proud of the work my sister put into this. Please check them out and then admit that I have the cutest sister and nephew around. :) Just kidding (kind of), but I hope you look at them.

Have a wonderful day, folks! I am off to make stuff before work.

love, scout

  1. Ali Santoso said:

    Nice photos Erin, I like in Mommy photo.

  2. Dude! I love my family too! I think my little man is the cutest little man around! Tho, i am partial.

  3. Nena said:

    Your getting rave reviews on Facebook so I had to come check you out! Love the Blog-n

  4. oh wow! all such cute photos! looks like a great time:)

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