Waiting Games.

So, I am sitting at Starbucks, which has free wi-fi now (Woohoo!), waiting on Will to get done with his first meeting as the Assistant Store Manager here in Joplin. I am so, so excited for him! As most of you know, we both have gone through a lot this past year (along with our families). So this opportunity coming along makes us ecstatic. It is definitely a change because Joplin is about an hour from Springfield and, as of now, we are *not* moving. This means quite a lot of commuting but it is worth it. :)

One of my best friends and my dad both live here so that is something that feeds the urge to move here. Sure, my current town is alright. It is filled with creative people and it is a great place to settle down. I am just not satisfied there. I hope that this change is the beginning of quite a few in the right direction. We have tons of ideas up our sleeves that we are slowly making happen. It is a really exciting (and a little bit scary) time for us and I am very hopeful. :)

I have kept a not-so-little decision secret from you all for a while and so I feel now is the time to share. :)

In the next couple of weeks, I will be starting a journey completely different than I ever have before. I will be working more for myself for the first time ever. I am excited, I am scared, and I am inspired by this. The main focus of my life will now be photography. Sure, I will have my “normal” every day job at Forever 21 (which I LOVE). However, most of my time will be spent thinking, brainstorming, and working toward achieving my dreams. What are these dreams? Well, if you have paid attention you will know that my main dream is to become a full-time photographer.

I don’t just want to be a photographer. I want to inspire people by capturing the beautiful things, big and small. And the overlooked. And the ugly. And the sad. Happy. Funny. ALL of it can inspire, teach, and help grow.

There are a few ways I plan on doing this. Of course, the most obvious is by taking photos for people who hire me. That is one area that you can help with. I am open to traveling anywhere in the US, as long as the trip will provide what I need financially. That means if I were to travel to a different state, I would need X amount of shoots scheduled to get me there, feed me, and give me a small bit of profit. :)

Other ways will be shared in the coming months. You know, as things continue to work in our favor. :))

The best part about having made this decision, is that people starting contacting me literally within a couple days, even before I started talking about it! It was such a great confirmation for me. My weeks keep filling up and I feel more and more confident in the photos I am giving to people. I have also started working with some ministries and organizations to utilize the huge heart God gave me for others. I feel like this is the perfect time and place in my life for this to happen. I would love to continue to make this work so my dream can become truth in my life. I would also love if you would help support me in this. You can do this easily by simply continuing to come here and join me as I move along in my life. Spread the word about my photography and help me get shoots. When I share the final part of my pursuit, help me in ways that you can. Every one of you is so important to me, which is why I share this with you. :)

I just posted quite a few new photos here. Please check them out and leave comments telling me what you loved, or offering suggestion. It also would mean a lot for you to add me here, or here, or here. :)

I seriously love you guys more than I could express and hope you know how grateful I am for those of you who have been faithful friends, even when I haven’t been able to keep up with you as much as I would like.

Anyway, I will stop before your eyeballs fall out of your head from too much reading. Be back soon! Hopefully by Thursday! :)

love, love, love, scout

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  1. Diana said:

    congrats on your new beginnings! this all sounds exciting!

    • Yes! I am excited. Nerrrrvous, but excited. :)

  2. lesley said:

    we just bought a house in springfield, but every time we visit my parents in seneca my husband asks if i could live in joplin again (because he could have job opportunities there someday) i like it there… and i go to that starbucks usually when i’m visiting home. :)

    so cool you’re doing something you love to do!

  3. lesley said:

    … i forgot there are two starbucks there now. is he at south or north rangeline?

    • Uuuuhhhh, the one by the mall? :) Not the one by Roadsite Motel. :)

  4. i’m so excited for you and the directions you are heading both personally and professionally, and the journey you and will are embarking on together. i’m so happy to be your friend and can’t wait to see the amazing things you do with your talents.

    love you :)

  5. kristin said:

    Oh Erin! I am so excited for you and Will! Finally, everyone is getting a break. Reading this post was so refreshing and I can’t wait to see what path you walk down next. I love how passionate you are not just about photography but life, love, God, I can always see and feel it when I look at your work. I get inspired by that and it pushes and motivates me to be more connected with my own work and craft. I really want you to be the one who takes my back page photo for my book one day soon (with in the next two years). I’m not sure when I’ll be back in the Springfield area especially with me moving in a few weeks, but I’m sure we can figure it out one day. I have a while. This post just made my heart so happy. You’re wonderful. love, Kristin

    • This almost made me cry. Thank you for your kindness. I would love to take that photo for you. Just keep me updated and we will make it happen. :)

  6. Becca said:

    Hooray for positive life changes! I am making some myself (moving 2 states away!) and it is the best feeling in the world to know that you are heading towards something better. I wish you the best of luck! Your photography is gorgeous and I know you will be so successful :)

    • Thank you! Good luck with your move. I know how that can feel a little scary as well as exciting. Have the most fun with it! :)

  7. Annie said:

    You are an inspiration :) I made a similar decision about my photography last year, only very privately. I wish I could have the courage to be as open and honest as you. I love the way you describe what you want to do with photography. I explain it similarly, but again, only to myself. I am scared to share it with others. It’s something I’m working on, and this post definitely encouraged me to take another step, and also made me very happy :) Congratulations on your new adventures :)

    • This is good! I hope that you are able to share your ventures with other. It is so important to have people there to encourage you. I figure that being honest is best for me. I want people to know where I am trying to go and see my life, whether things work out or not. I know that if photography were to end up not working for me, the people I shared my journey with will most likely be there to help encourage me to continue on and find something even better. :) Good luck. I hope you do amazing things!

  8. Wow Erin, a big huge congrats to you! This is so exciting and get ready for an adventure. It can be challenging but it’s so clear you have such a passion for your craft. You’re going good places, lady.

    • Thank you, sweet one. I know it will be very challenging, but that makes it even more exciting for me. :)

  9. Ashley said:

    Congratulations! Sounds absolutely amazing. You really are an inspiration. I just wish I had the money to hire you to come out to CA :( and take pictures of my “family”. You are an amazing photographer & person.

    • Well, if you find enough people to hire me for me to come out there, I would give you a shoot for free. That is how I roll. I give gifts to those who send me business. <3 Thanks for the sweet words!

  10. Ashley said:

    PS I haven’t started your bracelet yet… work got hectic and I’m a slacker haha. But some day you will get one!

    • I totally understand. No worries. I am excited for it to get here when you have the time. :)

  11. Liz said:

    Wait wait wait. You work for Forever 21?? How did I miss this? Lol. What do you do for them? Whatever it is, I am already jealous!

    I’m so excited for you and your self-employment photography adventures. You take some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen. Srsly.

    I’m with Ash, I wish you could come out to California! Soon?!

    • That is so great to hear. I hope to come out to California soonish. You girls are amazing from what I can tell and I really want to get to know you more… in person of course. :)

      Yes, I am a sales associate at F21. Even though it’s definitely the lower end of their totem poll of jobs, it is amazing. The people and management are great. It is like shopping every day. haha

  12. oh erin… I am so excited for you and your new adventure. You are a very talented photographer :)

    Love you!

    • Thank you, love. I am nerrrvous but oh-so-excited!

  13. Congrats! I’m soo excited for you. You will do so well for yourself. You’re an amazing photographer!

  14. HEY! I’m doing this as well. :D Your post just helped me out a lot. Its nice to know that there are other photographers out there who are doing what they “need” to do. Not just what they think they have to. My husband supports us so I can pursue what I need to do, photos. He comes with me as a second photographer. I am glad you have someone urging you to pursue this too!

    Its really hard, and I have a long way to go, but I know that eventually I’ll look back at all the moments I captured for people and know I did the right thing. Sometimes we just have to do what God urges us to do, and use what gifts we’re given. :D

    • That is so sweet of your husband! Good luck to you! I hope to one day just be able to concentrate on photography and not have to have a job that I work on the side. But this will take baby steps. At least I am going down from 2 jobs to 1 and can concentrate on photography much more. :))

  15. Carol said:

    I am so excited for you Erin! I know you will be successful in what you do! You are so talented! And I’m so happy to hear you have many opportunities! I will be praying for you and cheering you on! <3

    • Thank you SO much! That means a lot. I am so lucky to be able to call you a friend. <3

  16. i cant deal with this =D so third time- good luck !!! :-)

  17. Amanda Banner said:

    Congratulations on pursing your passion! By the way I snoop through your photos on flickr every now and then and I think you take amazing pictures. I loved the mother daughter tea party shoot. Anyways, glad you’re doing well and good luck on the road ahead!

  18. margot said:

    am excited and happy for you! :-)

  19. katie said:

    so i’ve had this blog open since like the moment you posted it, but we’ve been busy and i haven’t gotten around to reading it all the way through until now. sorry!

    but i’m really excited for you and will and all the changes! and i’m really excited about you doing more photography! i love the photos you take!


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