Home Sweetest Home

The other night I did a major purge of my things. As most of you know, Will and I moved to a new apartment at the end of January and we still could not even use one of the rooms because so much junk was filling it up. It took me a good 16 hours to finish the cleaning but I am SO happy now! I thought I would show you a few peeks at some of my favorite little corners. :)

Our dining table, given to us by a wonderful friend. It sits right next to a little window by the kitchen. I covered it with cloth that I originally bought to make a bag with. I like this idea much better. :)

Here are the herbs and flowers we potted in vintage jars. We loved this alternative to a traditional garden. We plan on having one of those in the backyard we own one day. :) Right now, they sit on Will’s hard case for his amp, which doubles as extra kitchen counter space (limited space… wahoo!). They are paired with a vintage photo of Will’s great-uncle and the band he played in.

Where the dishes hang out after they take a bath. Above is the current scene: vintage glasses we want to sell and a vintage flour jar that we made into a flower vase (get it? flour to flower? yeaaaaaah, we are awesome.)

My toys! Yes, I still have some. I have gone to great lengths to keep these treasures so I have made sure they have their own little niche in our home. One day, our children will *gently* play with these! (Eek! Can’t wait!) They have found a cozy spot right next to our dresser in our closet room. I apologize that this is the only photo I took of our room. I prefer to keep mystery to where all the magic happens (bah-hahahaha… gross… kind of). ;-p

The bathroom floor. I just l o v e it. :)

This stack of books is very special to me because Will’s lovely mom bought them for us from the library she worked at. They are old children’s books that were too outdated apparently. It will be fun to read them to my kids one day. :)

I am so happy about our growing collection of books. When I was a child, I would sit dreaming about having my own library in my house when I “growed up.” I used to think Belle in Beauty and the Beast was so lucky (and still do)! Due to lack of space for a bookshelf, we have piles of books in random little spaces… and I kind of love it!

A good bit of fabric is piled up in our catch-all room. It’s the room that was an overgrown closet until the other day. Now it is prettier. :)

This room is growing to be my favorite to just look at. All of our craft stuff, photo gear, and outdoor items (for camping, hiking, biking, etc) is held in this room. Each item has it’s place, which makes it a fun room for me to pass through. :) This is the top of a shelf, holding jars with knick-knacks, vintage sewing bin and television, a framed Johnny Cash album, and a photo of two of my dear friends. :)

The living room! It is our main room so we spend most of our time awake here. We have our favorite pieces of furniture in here and little trinkets that we hold dear. One of my true loves is that brown phone. Will surprised me with it one day in hopes that I would FINALLY start my rotary phone collection. I love him!

Another photo of the living room. Some more of our favorite things. Need I say more? :)

So, I know that isn’t a very good look. I didn’t want to give it all away just yet. We don’t have many pictures hung, and everything just isn’t quite perfect. Maybe you need to come for a visit? ;-)

love, scout

  1. Jaco said:

    Your home is absolutely lovely. I adore your dinosaur collection, the picture above the dinosaur collection, your rotary phone (I have one too!), and your fabric :]. Thanks for the look into your living space!

    Love and Turtledoves,

    • No problem! Glad you enjoyed it. We love our home. :) Thanks so much!

  2. Carol said:

    I loved these pics! Your home seems so lovely & cozy! I love that it is just a collection of things about you. I think that is what makes it cozy. :)

    • yeah. I love it for that reason as well! My grandparents have a home like that and I feel like anyone can walk in a feel like they know them after walking around. It’s wonderful!

  3. Kristy said:

    Alf! And do I spy a Strawberry shortcake doll as well?

    • No, that is the doll that I have had around since the day I was born. I used to have a strawberry shortcake doll. That one was lost before I was old enough to fight to keep my dolls. :)

  4. Liz said:

    Oh Erin I love!!!

    • Yay! That means a lot coming from a stylish girl like you. :)

    • Aww thanks! That photo was taken by my friend. :)

  5. i love how everything is coming together! i can’t wait to come stay with you guys again :)

  6. katie said:

    pretty! i love it all! [except alf…he freaks me out.]


    • Well, thanks! And I will make sure to bring Alf along when we visit. ha!

  7. super sweet. (I love that flour jar) Must feel good to finally be all settled :)

    • Yes, it is nice. I feel like almost everything has a place. It makes cleaning easier. haha

  8. your home looks lovely :) ps… belle is my faaaavorite.

  9. Kelile said:

    wow, awesome job. not sure i could handle cleaning for that long.
    i love that you still have some of your toys. i ended up keeping a bunch too, for if i ever have kids i guess…. or to pull out on days when im bored. ha!

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