Tell It On Tuesday – Oh, Vanessa

While going through photos from my shoot today, I realized that I had taken similar photos (with Vanessa) that I hadn’t even edited yet (from April). So, I went digging, found them, and… well…

I am so happy with these! It makes me even more excited to edit the photos I took this afternoon. I better get to editing! :)

love, scout

  1. Annie said:

    Wow, these are beautiful. X

  2. kristin said:

    I love it. The prompt just screams her. In good ways of course! And I love your new header. So cute.

  3. Amy said:

    Gorgeous, Gorgeous… Love Vanessa! Great job.

  4. Kate said:

    So pretty Erin! The first one is my favorite!

    • Thanks! I think I am a fan of the last one. But I just don’t know. haha

  5. Liz said:

    Amazing amazing amazing!

  6. Beautiful girl (I like her with red hair!) and beautiful shots! What kind of lighting equipment did you use for the last one, it couldn’t have been just natural light?

    • I just used a flash fired through an umbrella for all of these. :)

  7. Vanessa said:

    Awesome! Love the edits and i really like the first one.
    See you soon I hope :)

  8. Stephanie said:

    So beautiful! Great job. the light is perfect in the last one.

  9. Stephanie said:

    Beautiful pics. especially love the last one.

  10. Lizzie said:

    Wow! I really love the last one. That is a really really great picture.

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