Monday Wishes

I can’t help but dream for these today…

Cute little kitties. (old love)

A mountain bike. (new love)

Bear cubs. (cute love)

Oh-so-sweet treats! (fun love)

A good storm! (love-hate love)

A BIG hug. (forever love)

These are only a few of the many things on my wish list. What is on yours? :)

love, scout

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  1. elycia said:

    lovely loves :)
    i loooove kittens. so much! i just want to take them all home with me.

    • I know! My friends have two that they are trying to give to us when we move in January. Too hard to resist!

  2. suzy said:

    ack. i want an orange bicycle.
    yikes. how do people THINK to DO stuff like that? my creativity is embarrassed.
    and on my wish list: a garden.
    and a new umbrella. mine gets me wet.

    • Oh! I want a garden as well! We should plant them! Well, I kind of can’t… but I can dream while you plant yours. :)

  3. Kelile said:

    those sweets look amazing. im drooling, really.

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