I love your face!

Will, Emjay, and I all spent the night chatting it up. It was rather fun. HOWEVER, I completely forgot to hit pause when Emjay did. Good times.


love, scout

** NOTE: Will Vastine is full of crap and nothing he says in this video should be taken as fact or used against me. That said, enjoy the video. ;)

  1. will said:

    so full of crap my eyes are brown. HA!

  2. Carol said:

    aww you two are too funny!

  3. Katja said:

    oh my god, i just had to laugh so loud xD hahahahaha, need to do that, tooooooooO!!!!!!!!

    • haha if you have chat, we would love to chat with you sometime!

  4. Megan said:

    HAHAHA!!! That made me laugh soo hard! That was awesome!

  5. oh man i miss you guys so so much!!!!

    and when i have it paused and you’re typing, it sounds like a horse stampede. :)

    oh and i miss you – wait, i already said that part.

    can’t wait for our date next week! :) arrested development, adult beverages and fun! :)

  6. OMG!!!!!! too funny!!! I was watching this in the library trying desperately not to laugh out-loud so much that i made myself tear!! haha ppl prolly were wondering what was so damn’d funny! haha

  7. Jenipher said:

    This is amazing. I don’t even know either of you really and i was laughing a ton.

    Thanks! :D

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