I can’t get enough!

So, I am shooting my second wedding with my good friend Katie on Saturday. The wedding is in Independence and seeing as this is only the second time in my life shooting something this big… I am nervous.

This also means I have an extreme need for good music. The drive to Mission, Kansas (where Katie lives) is roughly 3 hours, so I need music to keep me company on the way!

I have 5 empty discs. Help me fill them up with good road trip songs! :)

And I have a lovely new addition to my library, from the wonderful guy sitting behind me. :)

Alright, I look forward to your suggestions. I will keep adding until I have them filled up or until I need to leave tomorrow. So excited to hear your favorites! :)

love, scout

P.S. If you find yourself bored for some reason, feel free to drop me a question or two here. :)))

  1. jamie said:

    I just downloaded the newest album from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and I absolutely love it! See what you think of it!

  2. my favorite bands are say anything, the weakerthans, the decemberists, fun., and the format. not at all new, but old favorites since high school.

  3. Annie said:

    I shot my second wedding ever a week ago! My nerves got the best of me at the first, but the second was a breeze! You’ll be fine :)

    For road trips, variety I think is the key, so I go anywhere from Los Lonely Boys to Katie Perry, from Abba to Andrew Bird, from Tom Jones to The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack.

    I know I’m weird :)

    • I love variety too! Thanks for the encouragement and the suggestions. <3

  4. Kristy said:

    Eisley. Vedera. Damien Rice. The shins. Jars of clay.

  5. Vanny said:

    I love your bangs! They are so cute! Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Metric, Discovery(my fave band right now!) Pheonix and Empire of the Sun :)

  6. Abi said:

    the new Jonsi album is amazing. (the lead singer from sigur ros) also, she and hims (fairly) new record

  7. hi doll,
    good luck on your saturday wedding adventure.
    love, love jack johnson. i also liked she and him, the weepies and the 500 days of summer soundtrack…but i could go on and on.


  8. anna said:

    i´d recommend rocky votolato, william fitzsimmons, scott matthew, bon iver, angus & julia stone, eels, beirut, gregory & the hawk, rilo kiley, the gaslight anthem, gisli and stephen steinbrink to you. they are my all-time-favourites!

  9. jes said:

    she and him, mgmt, coconut records

  10. Liz said:

    Broken Bells, She & Him, The xx, Sleigh Bells & you can never go wrong with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles :)

    Have fun! You’ll do great xo

    • It appears we like a lot of the same GREAT music. I like that.

  11. some of my favorites are blonde redhead, oceana, as cities burn, mewithoutYou. good luck! i’m shooting my first wedding in august and i am very nervous as well!

  12. Violet said:

    I’m sort of inlove with Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. It’s been in my car for the last week getting constantly looped.

    Also, Iron & Wine’s “The Shepherd’s Dog,” is a great one. I LOOOVE Boy With a Coin. My favorite song on the album.

    How about a little Morrissey or The Smiths?

    And, for some kick ass “I’m a chick and it rocks!” music, some Go Sailor!

    Have fun on your shoot!

  13. i love nada surf!! anything by them is amazing! i hope you like them as well! :)


  14. HOpe the wedding shoot goes great today!!! SO exciting!!! I can’t wait to see! Hope things are going better for you girlie!! -Katie

    • Thanks! You are the sweetest. Let’s hang soon. FOR REAL.

  15. Kelile said:

    i guess for the next long trip…..i cant get enough of these bands as of late: passion pit, jack johnson, mute math, michael buble, lady gaga, regina spektor…i know interesting choices….
    hope the shoot went well, cant wait to see the photos from it

  16. Good luck with the shoot! Can’t wait to see your brilliance when you post pics!

  17. Kristin said:

    Anberlin – Day Late Friend

    Say Anything – Their entire new album. Specifically the tracks Fed to Death, Eloise, Cemetery, Less Cute.

    Polar Bear Club – As Twere a Mirror, Parked in the Parking Lot of Your Heart

    Minus the Bear – Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse

    Jimmy Eat World – For Me This Is Heaven

    Brand New – Jesus Chris

    Sundowner – Steal Your Words

    Chuck Ragan – The Boat

    Alkaline Trio – One Hundred Stories

    The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

    Iron and Wine – Naked As We Came

    Gaslight Anthem – Blue Jeans and White T Shirts

    Francine and Her Ruby Slippers – Your FLowers My Regrets

    Piebald – American Hearts, Just a Simple Plan

    Neutral Milk Hotel – King of Carrot Flowers

    Fugazi – Waiting Room

    The Misfits – Attitude, Saturday Night

    The Arcade Fire – Keep The Car Running

    Saves The Day – This Is Not an Exit, At Your Funeral

  18. Faith said:

    ooh! my hubs got that for me a couple weeks ago. LOVE it!

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