You should know…

I recently was asked here who my favorite local photographers are. Here they are:

Chad Watson

Will Vastine

Alex Crowder

Alec Vanderboom

PLEASE check them all out. I feel very blessed to know these talented people. :)

love, scout

  1. Jaco said:

    Oh I’m loving Will Vastine! Those are gorgeous shots. I love the girl w/ the tattoos on her knuckles. :]

    Love and Turtledoves,

    • Yeah, Will Vastine is freaking amazing! I love him so much! He is amazingly good with a camera.

  2. Annie said:

    I love Alec Vanderboom! :-)

  3. lesley said:

    chad is a good photographer… and person. we would have had him take our wedding photos, but he was in it so that really wouldn’t have worked.

    • Haha I bet not. He is an amazing photographer. I would love to actually meet him one day. haha

  4. Thanks, Erin! I feel honored to be listed with such incredible photographers!

    • No thanks needed. You deserve to be listed with the rest of these people. :)

  5. these are AWESOME. love to see wedding shots that aren’t so expected.

    • Oh these aren’t wedding photos. :) But I would LOVE to shoot weddings like this!

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