Shop Items

Hey guys! I just finished with a shoot with my nephew for his first year photos. He turns one in July! :)

I thought I would drop in and tell you that I have some new items in the shop#mce_temp_url#.

Like this ribbon headband…

this rainbow button headband…

this pom pom headband…

this crocheted single-color button headband…

… and this crocheted multi-color button headband.

We also have other stuff like…

… photo prints (in 5×7 and 8×10)…

… framed prints

… and jewelry. :)

So, go on over to the shop and see if there is something for you. I will take custom orders and work on ideas with you. All you have to do is email me at thesundaycollective[at]gmail[dot]com with questions or suggestions. Thanks for your support! To show you a special thanks, I will be including a little something extra for everyone who orders before the first. :)

Alright, I am off to edit tons of photos. Be back soon!

love, scout


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