Finally, Prompt Photos!!

Okay, sorry everyone for the delay! Here are photos of the prompt: Hear/Speak/See No Evil.

Abi said:

“i chose these things that you hear/see/speak, and paired them with things that are pretty and set my focus on that so the “evil” thing would be out of focus.”

Lydia wrote:

‘I had many ideas pop into my head for this prompt. This was the one that I really fell in love with. I wanted to do something different from the three photos that are so classic with “hear no evil”. I decided to put it all in one photo. The ribbon hides my eyes, my hands cover my ears, and the “x” guards my mouth. The colors contrast each other yet go together well. The idea for the ribbon struck me randomly and I thought it would be an interesting touch to this. This idea was fun. Also, it was fun trying to place myself while “blinded”.’

Reka said:

“the first one is the one i want to participate with. i was thinking about the prompt, as it has two meanings, one is that you look the orher way, and refuse to acknowledge things. the other is seeing, saying and hearing only the good things..
so my dercription is: on my picture i wanted to show how seeing, hearing or saying no evil can be turning your back on one side of the world, by just looking the other way all the time. you need to look at the whole thing to live in harmony.well,i guess:)
and the other one (which im not sure about) wasnt suposed to be like this, but it got out of control and became a bit messy. but i wanted to show you anyway, hoping you’d tell me your opinion about it…”

I personally LOVE this one Reka! I think it is adorable. I am super happy that you participate because I love to see what you come up with every week. :)

Here are the photos for the prompt: Cold.

Reka wrote:

“the story behind? well i was thinking. what is cold?..well winter is cold..and what is the first thing i think of when i think about cold winter days? a cup of hot tea!:)”

Sheri wrote:

“My chilly morning walk.”

Abi wrote:

“I had big plans that involved a slew of winter clothes/accessories but today was 90 degrees, so i went with plan B. It doesn’t get much colder than ice.”

Lydia wrote:

“I had several ideas pop into my head for this one. Some of them didn’t work out too well. But thats ok! I decided to make my already pale skin look “icy” and make my lips look blue. I think the idea of “cold” comes across in this photo!”

Alright, folks. That is it for now. I’ve been loving all the submissions for the photo prompts. I can’t wait to see more. Any of you who would like to participate who hasn’t already gotten an email from me, let me know. And for those of you who I have emailed… GET ON IT! There are close to 50 people I have emailed and only a handful participate. Let’s make this fun. :)))

I will be back in a little while. For now, have a fabulous Saturday! :))

love, scout

  1. I love all the other entries! They’re so fun. :)

    • Aren’t they? I love them! :) I love yours as well.

  2. Carol said:

    These are all so awesome but I especially love Lydia’s submissions! Her photos are amazing!

    • Yeah, she is so lovely in person as well. Truly a beautiful person.

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