Prompt Delayed!

Is the title clear enough on this week’s prompt? I hope so. Next week, I will post photos for next week’s prompt as well as this week’s. Yes, two prompts! So, you get to take photos for both and submit them by next Wednesday. Yay! :)

I made the decision to postpone because I have declared this week “Family week” for me. I have been trying to gain perspective this week and remind myself what is really important to me. I knew the best way to do this is to spend time with those people dearest in my life. I love them very much and am thankful for them. :)

It has been a nice break. For the first time in… I don’t even know how long, I have been able to relax and not worry about a job. I mean, I still need money. I should probably be stressing out a little more than I am, but I don’t want to just yet. :)

I think I have decided to really take this time as an opportunity to work on my own. Try to expand my photography and turn it into a business, instead of just a hobby. I also want to really work hard on making my etsy shop as great as I can. I definitely can’t do it on my own, of course. I need your help. Your support, features, purchases, booking of shoots, encouragement… It all helps and means so very much to me. Thank you to all of you who have helped me in ways you could so far. And thank you to everyone who will. :)

I plan on doing some work the next few days so that I can add new items to the shop. I plan on adding some baby and children headbands, possibly new prints, and hopefully some necklaces. Any suggestions or ideas for items you would like to see added? :)

Alright, I am off to spend the rest of the evening with my sister and boyfriend. We are watching Sigur Ros’ Heima DVD. It’s so beautiful! I love you guys. Have a great night.

love, scout

P.S. Please check out my lovely friend’s giveaway on her blog. Tonight is the last chance to enter. She is posting the winner tomorrow! :)

  1. heyy cuteface!
    I hope you are having a fantastic family week. I’m a total workaholic, and I know how absolutely lovely those breaks with family and friends can be.

    I haven’t seen that Sigur Ros DVD yet, but I really want to! It looks really good.
    loveyou!!! xx.

    pea.ess. thank you so much for blogging about my giveaway! yous a peach! ;]

    • No prob bob! I think you should totally come over and watch it with me sometime. Yes? Yes!

  2. Liz said:

    Glad you are taking a time out to focus on what is most important to you. Most people aren’t that smart ;) Enjoy your week!

    • You are just lovely. Thought you should know. :)

  3. Gabbie said:

    I love your hair in this photo :) really cute!

  4. taylah said:

    hiiii :)
    I was just wondering if you recieved your prize from my giveaway? I posted it weeks ago, i just wanted to check it got to you.
    Good luck with your photography business, I am sure you will make it happen!
    xo taylah

    • Thanks! I got a notification yesterday. I am going to pick it up on Monday. Thanks so much!

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