Forgive me, please!

Today is a little cold here in Joplin. However, I woke up around family and get to spend all day with them! It is going to be great!! Anyway, here is the photos I compiled for my prompt this week! Please forgive me for it being late.

When I was a tiny girl, my mom would always pick me up and set me beside her in her large comfy chair. I would curl up in her lap, holding a piece of her silky nightgown (the one I am wearing in the photo) or robe in my hand as I fell asleep. It was so comforting for some reason and to this day relaxes me if I feel restless. I am no longer small enough to fit in anyone’s lap, nor do I have my mother or the chair, but I find the same comfort in the memory of her and the love she had for me. I miss my mother so much these days and so, naturally, this prompt brought about memories of her before any others. :)

Here are a few photos from the drive yesterday. :)

Alright, kids. Have a beautiful Saturday! I will be back tomorrow. :)

love, scout

  1. i love your life.
    oh, and you.

    ps, the photo driving into the sun? stunning.

  2. Ali Santoso said:

    Erin….its always great to see your photos and also your life…..fantastic…..:-)

  3. Carrie said:


  4. Kristy said:

    This post about your mom is very sweet.
    You are adorable. And I love the photo of the dogtags. Where were you stationed when you were in the USMC?

    • Thanks! I was stationed in 29 Palms for a couple of years and then Miramar in San Diego. :)

  5. Bekka said:

    I love the idea for your photo!

  6. suzy said:

    i love all these pictures. what a cute blog. i’m going to stick around.

    • That is good to hear! Welcome and thank you! :)

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