Sunday Best: Up To Date

Hey there! Here is a few highlights from my last two weeks in photos:

Crazy weather!

Will helped me fix the bracelet my sister gave me in remembrance of my nephew’s condition.

A wonderful friend gave us a table that fits perfectly in our little kitchen corner!

Breakfast with my sisters!

Everything is blooming outside!

I’ve become a little obsessed with making these! Thanks for introducing me to these, Elsie!

Will and I planted some things in thrifted vintage jars. It was the start of a tradition (and one item I can mark off my list!).

Prepping for and accomplishing everything for AVENEU mag’s shoot week for Issue 2!

I found this photo in my parent’s wedding album. Priceless! I want to recreate this photo on my wedding day. Oh, Mom… I miss you so much!

So, I hope you enjoyed these photos. I had a great couple of weeks. I am hoping that this next week will be just as great, if not better. :-D

I hope this week will include lots of:

Reunions with some of my favorites that I miss very much!

Lots of fun new styles and shoots!

A friend asked me to try making a bouquet like this one. I don’t know where she found this photo, but it is amazing. We’ll see if I can make something similar for her. :)

*UPDATE – The lovely Corinne informed me that this bouquet is one from Princess Lasertron. :)

LOTS more hang out time and meetings with these wonderful folks.

What will your week include?

love, scout

  1. I think my week will include taking photos, and working, getting ready for vacation. :)

    I loved your post, by the way.

    • Thanks! Your week sounds lovely! What photos are you going to take?

  2. Becca said:

    Hi! Your blog is way cute! I am a new subscriber :)

    I love the jar plants!! What kinds of things will you be growing?

    Have a wonderful week!


    • Three jars have herbs in them and then we have two flower plants as well. :)

      Thanks for reading! :)))

  3. I love your photos so much. Springfield must have cute apartments. Vanessa’s was adorable. I love the idea of growing things insode vintage glass. That’s a good idea for my apartment once I move. My week includes finals for the semester and my first public reading of my work. I’m a little nervous but it should be fun. Too bad you guys live so far away, you could come. :( I could just email some of my stuff, but you know.

    • You’ll do great! I know you will! If you want to, feel free to send me some of your stuff. :)

    • Oh wow! Thanks! I will look into this and then link it. Thanks so much!!

  4. Carol said:

    I LOVE that photo of the dog in the air! It made me smile! And I am wanting to plant things in vintage jars now! They look so dreamy in your window!

  5. Aw, I miss you, too! Your breakfast pics with your sisters are pretty awesome. Let’s do a big breakfast soon (it’s my new ABSOLUTE fav!). *loves

  6. Rachel said:

    Yea Brandi has been asking about her bouquet!

  7. Haley said:

    ! those boquets were featured in Bride magazine a few months back. Not that I was looking at that magazine or anything…. ;)

  8. Kylie said:

    Oh wow I just LOVE your blog, such cute pics :)

  9. JaCKIE said:

    Im just saying

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