Hit me!

Alright, kids. Now is the time to hit me with all of your questions you may have for me. I am opening the door wide. Ask me whatever you want. I am waiting. :)

Please send all of your questions to erinsundayphoto@gmail.com and I will answer them shortly! If, for some reason, you want your questions anonymous, you can leave them in the comments. Thanks!

love, scout

* photos found on weheartit

  1. Cat said:

    I love this idea!

    If you could had to describe yourself as an animal…what animal would you be and why? :)

  2. How did you and Will meet? I love cute love stories, and you guys seem adorable!

  3. Becca said:

    Hi Erin!

    I recently subscribed to your blog and love seeing your cute posts!

    Here are some questions for you…

    1. What is your favorite time of day?

    2. If you could only wear three outfits for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

    3. What is your daily schedule like?

    4. What would your dream house be?


  4. Hello,
    These are photography questions, situations that I sometimes have trouble with and I wanted to know how you deal with them.

    1. Are you ever shy around people/models? How do you direct them with poses and such?

    2. Do you ever tell your models what to wear for the type of shoot you want?

    3. Have you found yourself in a situation yet where you might charge a family member or a friend for a shoot? How do you deal with the money situation?
    I always found this to be very difficult for me. I kind of squirm when it comes down to business.


    Oh, and…you rock!

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