Grr!!! The Internet decided to stop working at my place and it’s too late to go anywhere else. I am so sorry guys but I have to postpone the prompt post until tomorrow. :-(

Believe me, I was yelling up a storm as I discovered this. I decided to at least post a quick little update from my phone letting you know what happened. I’m really sorry and will be back tomorrow.

Leave me something fun to read or that will make me smile. :)

Love, scout

P.s. Look what I’ve been up to this week so far! :))))))))

  1. crazyybeautifulmess said:

    you are pretty amazing. just thought you should know. =]

    • Wow! Thanks so much! Honestly, it’s a little weird to hear that but definitely nice to hear also. Thank you. :)

  2. Kyla said:

    Aww no worries!
    I’m excited to see all of the entries for tomorrow :)

    You guys are so cute, like a little laptop pow wow.

    Happy Thursday!

    xo. Kyla

    • Thanks! Yeah, we were having one of our unofficial mag meetings. ha!

  3. i hope the internet up and running now… how did the shoot go?

    how about this for funny…my grandma has been staying with me for two weeks and counting… shes 90… its a hoot… i have some great stories. thats all ican say. about that.

    • Ha! I bet I would like to hear some of those stories. ;)

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