A Few Things…

Happy Saturday! I have a few things to share with you all. :)

First, go check out this giveaway by a lovely lady. She has got several ways for you to enter and you have until May 10.

Second, I am thinking about possibly starting something similar to pen pals that was inspired by my current need for some great new music. Basically, you would sign up through me. Once I had all of the names, I would pair people up with a partner and announce it through email. It would then be your responsibility to make a playlist for the person made up of your absolute favorite music. You could send them a letter, also. ;)

I mentioned it to a friend on Twitter earlier and a few other picked up on it and encouraged the idea along. What do you all think? I really would like to start this but I don’t want to get everything together if people won’t participate. If you think it is something you would like to get in on, leave me a comment saying so! That will help me determine how I want to go about getting it together. :)

Lastly, I haven’t gotten as many responses to my invitation for the prompts. I would really enjoy it if people would get involved. Please read here and here for details. Thanks so much! Have a beautiful night. It is rainy here and I think more storms are rolling in. I plan on cleaning a bit and then making cute things. I will be back tomorrow with my Sunday Best post! :)

love, scout

*Photos taken by Will in an attempt to capture my all original dance moves and classic awesomeness.

  1. You know I’m in! :]
    I love those pictures of you. Your kick-assness is very awesome.
    loves!! xo.

  2. elsage said:

    I’d be totally into a music swap! Keep me in the loop :)

  3. kristin said:

    I’m so in! Especially with the semester almost over, it will be so sweet!

    • Sweet! I am excited! Thanks for being interested. :)

  4. Katie said:

    I would love to do the penpal/music thing!

  5. Cara said:

    Absolutely love these pictures of you.
    And thank you thank you for advertising my giveaway on here!
    and twitter!

    • Thaaaaaaaaanks! :) And no problem. It definitely deserves to be blasted all over the place. :)

  6. i’d love to be a part of the penpal project! it’s such a sweet idea : D

  7. Sarah said:

    Yes! Oh my gosh I am so excited for this, thanks!
    Im really excited now :)
    keep me in the loop too, please!

  8. Serena said:

    I say go for it! I used to do a similar thing with friends called MailTunes. Each month someone would pick a topic. We would all make mix CDs and mail it to that month’s “lead”. That person would then send out a massive mix. I learned about some amazing music that way :-)

    • That is exactly what I want to do. I am trying to figure out a cute name for it. All I have come up with is Playlist Pals and that is blah. ha

  9. erin said:

    SUPER in. love new music.

  10. melanie said:

    this sounds like fun, but i’m moving in the next few weeks and won’t have an address for a bit. maybe in a later round…
    as for the photo prompts, i would love to join in, and tried to send you an email about it but it got bounced back that it didn’t exist. maybe others had the same problem…

    • Well, hello there! I didn’t expect this one. :)

  11. ana said:

    its a GO!!! woOoohp! thanks for hosting this erin! =)

  12. crazyybeautifulmess said:

    I wouldd loveee to be involved. I love pen pals and music! Its an amazinggg idea. =]

  13. Megan said:

    I am in! I would love to find new music, and share my favorites with others too :)

  14. Rosa said:

    I’m up for the playlist swap! Count me in!

  15. kristine said:

    I am downn. {:

    • Sweet! I am happy that you want to help! Email me if you haven’t already. :)

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