Good Morning, Dears

Good day to you all! I wanted to share with you some photos I sent Will last night to make him smile while he was at band practice. I try to make him laugh because I love his laugh and… well… because I love to make him happy. :)

Ok, so those last few were cheesy, but…

… you still love me right? ha!

I hope you all have a marvelous day! Please check the last two posts to get involved in a project with me. :)

I promise, no more  Photo Booth photos this week. ;-)

love, scout

  1. chelsea said:

    How cute are you!! Cheesy and all, these made my morning.

    • Well, thank ya! I think I am in a tie with a bunch of ladies if that is true. :)

  2. CaL said:

    I love the cheesy photos! I wish I had photobooth but then I’d probably just take WAY too many random photos allll the time! Cute post cute stuff! <3

    • Haha I limit myself from posting too much. :)

  3. MJ said:

    love this! my favorite are the t-rex ones :)

    your cheesiness is one of the many things that makes you amazing ms sunday :)

  4. LOVE IT!
    i always do silly things like that :) yay

  5. I used to have that shirt! Wouldn’t it be weird if that was mine? Creepy!

  6. michabella said:

    You are TOO FREAKING CUTE!! I need to do this while my boyfriend is at work! <333

  7. Sarah Ann said:

    Oh my gosh, your the BEST! Love your pictures (especially the 2nd and forth!) ;D

  8. natalie said:

    I use to wear this shirt in college all the time!!

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