Friday Wishes

Spring is my favorite time of year, so I definitely have loved the weather changes that have occurred. All of the blooms and pretty colors have given me the itch to buy tons of pretty new things!

I went to ModCloth today to browse a bit and these cute pieces really caught my eye. :)
Please, Mr. Postman Dress in GeorgeannaBeach Blanket Bingo Two Piece in Red

Mystery Writer Dress

Sweet Dress o’ Mine

Can’t Stop Smiling Dress

Belle of the Ball Skirt in Charm

Old Film Fanatic Tee

Bathing Beauty One Piece in Blue Velvet

Wear Have All The Flowers Gone Dress

Baba-blue Dress

Pretty in Prairie Dress in Noir

Holiday Weekend Dress in Saturday

Fashion Democracy Dress

Latitude and Longitude Dress

I love all of these dresses so much! They would be perfect for this Spring and even all year ’round with the right additions. Maybe I will treat myself to one. :)

What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear this season?

love, scout

  1. chelsea said:

    i love all of these dresses, especially the last one!

    • Me too! I wish I had the money for these dresses… or even one. ha

  2. oooh, that holiday weekend dress is SO cute. I love that shade of pink.
    I want to wear dresses all the time once baby comes, and I can start wearing normal clothes again!! Right now I’m just in big comfy tee shirts, and sweat pants….. attractive I know, but hey, I’m 37 weeks preganant, ha!

    • You are going to be the cutest in dresses! I still maintain that you are an adorable pregnant lady. I know that probably means nothing to you at this point. ha! That shade of pink would look beautiful on you!

  3. Lindsay said:

    oh my gosh I am sooooo in love with that first dress and the navy blue onepiece swimsuit!! gorgeous!

    • I know, right? I think if I bought it, I would just want to hang it up and stare at it all the time. ha

  4. jamie said:

    Love every single thing!!! You would look fabulous in each and every one!

    • Aww thanks so much! I want all of them, but will buy none of them. haha Ah, life.

  5. megan said:

    Oh my, those are gorgeous! Someone is going to have to stop me from buying them all!! Thanks for sharing those pretties…

    • OOOh! If you buy them, you will have to tell me which ones! :)

    • Aww thanks! If you can believe it, I wore my first dress (in my adult life) about 2.5 years ago. ha

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