It’s My Party…

… and I’ll dress like an insane person and eat all the cupcakes I want? Not the original song lyrics, but this version I can relate to. :)

I semi-edited over 100 photos from my party, taken mostly by the wonderful Willard, and posted them here if you want to see or snag them for your own blog post. Some of my favorites are below.

The night before my party, on my actual birthday, at the RVA First Friday Party (mask-themed).

Katie made me this for my birthday! I love her. A lot of other sweet friends gave me gifts, but I didn’t get photos of them. Thanks so much to all of you. It made me feel great to know I have thoughtful friends. :)

Dad says I can change the world. A certain someone says I am retarded. You pick which one to believe. ;)

The making of my ginormous hat that I didn’t even wear most of the night. ha!

The table set. (Sorry, Paris!) I have been kicking myself a ton because we didn’t get decoration photos. We worked so hard! Go me. ha

I gave Janel the opportunity to go around and take instax photos of everyone and she did an awesome job. Thanks, Janel! Her birthday was on April 5. Happy birthday, lovely girl!

Sooooo happy they came! They are my favorite local couple. Hands down. The end. :)

This is Emjay stuffing her face. Michelle, I had to. ;-p Everyone decorated their own cupcake. We had Devil’s Food, Red Velvet (my favorite for years), Lemon, and Vanilla. I think there was plenty to go around. :)

Showing off my duds to Michelle and Jenny. I love them. And I love my costume. So, it was pretty much the perfect moment for me. :)

After a while, we moved some things outside and decided to take some snap shots. :)

Rachel with her favorite hatter.

Girls, what is really in those tea cups? ;-p

Dear Haley.

Kristen had to work but she stopped by anyway and JUST IN TIME! Thanks so much, friend!

Michelle and Amy. :)

Jenny and Janel!

Sweet Carol and Haley.

Michelle, lay off the sauce… and my boyfriend. ;-p You see, Michelle stayed with us after everyone else left. Will and her hit it off pretty well…

… Too well, I would say. Ha!

** Just to be serious: Michelle is not a home-wrecker, nor an alcoholic. In fact, no alcohol was consumed at my party. Just thought I would squash any rumors or assumptions that may spin from this. :)

Janel looks amazing in this photo! I love it!

The Sheltons. I have tons of photos of this cute family that I will share at a later time. :)

Thanks to everyone who came to the party and a special thanks to those who helped get everything together for it. I love you deeply. :)

Enormous hugs to Mr. Will Man for taking all of the photos. I love love love you, sweet sir!

More photos to come… at some point. :)))

love, scout

  1. Rockin party! Wish we were closer! We would have totally been there!


    • Oh yes, if you were closer, you would have been some of my favorite guests!

  2. Cara said:

    looks like one of the most fun parties ever.
    i want to have one like this. AHHH love it.


  3. MJ said:

    He will be mine!!!

    Haha, I kid! I kid! Although, I literally laughed out loud as I read through this post. I had so much fun that week and looking through these photos makes me realize again just how lucky I am to have such kick ass friends like you and will and all the ladies that I was blessed to spend time with while in springfield. I miss you like a crazy person and CAN’T WAIT to hang out with you again soon!

    Ps, I would just like to say that in the above paragraph, where I said “I am”, my iPhone auto corrected it to say “Obama”. Hah. Thought that was funny, but I’m not sure why…maybe I DO need to lay off the sauce :)

    • I thought that last part was funny too! Pretty much this whole post had me dying laughing. :)

  4. Carol said:

    haha oh Emjay! So funny! Erin, these photos are so fun! They turned out so cute! I had such an amazing time at your party! So glad I got to meet you. You are so awesome!

    • I am glad. You make me happy. You are so kind and I am incredibly glad I met you!

  5. Bri said:

    So amazing! Wish I would have gone!


  6. MJ said:

    Oh yeah, and about this…

    “my dad says I can change the world. A certain someone (hehe) says I’m retarded. You decide”

    i’ve decided that you can be both.

    That is all


  7. Oooo, now I wish I can transform myself back to the party!! I’d eat more cupcakes and drink wayyyyyy more tea! I miss you soooooo much! Like, for reals. xxo

    • I know! We need to spend a lot more time together the next time you are here. Deal?

  8. Amy said:

    Awesome fun!!! Love the pics and the costumes. :).

  9. Super cute pictures! Looks like you had a great party. :)

  10. Kelile said:

    looks like a blast!!! love your costume! :)

    • Thanks! I think I want to do a photo shoot wearing that costume. Would that not be just the awesome-est? ha

    • It was pretty awesome. So many amazing people came. I felt blessed.

  11. Janie said:

    Looks like so much fun! Jealous of your party! :D

    • Don’t be jealous! Have one of your own! :)

  12. ok i am pushing my time machine button so i can go back and crash this very serious party :P

    waving at u,
    tracey-leigh :)

  13. lala said:

    amazing! Ilove it dearly and you have inspired me so much to KEEP up my plans for my birthday party (we are NEVER TOO old) thank you for giving me that push! :) love your blog! <3

  14. ahh i love these so much! i’m not sure why this just popped up in my google reader, but i was so happy to see this. i want to bring myself back to this day :) i can’t wait to see you again.

    ps, im cracking up about the rumor-squashing of emjay’s drinking and tramping. bwahahahah!

    • haha I thought you all would like that. I am glad you enjoyed the photos!

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