Print Update!!

Alright, folks! I just updated our etsy shop with 8 new prints! I chose the most popular prints based on your replies earlier so THANK YOU!

Prints are available to order off the site in two sizes; however, if there is another size or print option you would like, please email me at thesundaycollective[at] to let me know so we can work something out. Also, let me know if you want a print of one of the photos posted in the blog this morning but is not in the shop. :)

There are some headbands in the shop as well that I added a couple weeks ago that are wonderful to wear with your new Spring dresses. I will take custom orders on headbands and other accessories as well. :)

As a thank you for your help earlier, the first 13 people to order from our shop will get a free 4×6 print. It’ll be a nice little surprise for you when you get your package!

Anyway, I will be back tomorrow. I must go finish unpacking (finally) my apartment with my wonderful boyfriend.

Thanks again! I love you!

love, scout

  1. ails said:

    Hi Erin! Your photographs are so inspiring. I used to enjoy photography but my old camera has lost its sharpness so I just borrow my boyfriend’s D40 now, whenever I feel like shooting.

    I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award here… for always being so beautiful and inspiring. ^_^

    btw, I love your headbands. They are sooo cute!

    xoxo, ails

  2. vanessa said:

    i love the name “the sunday collective”!!! its perfect!

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