Fortune Friday, The Artistic Type

“You have a deep interest in all that is artistic.”

I love that this was my fortune this week! :)

What do you all have a deep interest in?

love, scout

  1. Lindsay said:

    I have a deep interest in pandas, and well making anything and everything. If I can give it to someone and make their day, I did what I wanted to do :)

    • I would hope you love pandas since one is on your wrist. :)

  2. Here lately? Writing, hands down.
    It’s definitely been a comforting creative outlet for me…and I don’t mind staying inside my own little world(s) right now. :)

    I’ll admit though, I’ve never had a permanent deep interest in anything. It always rotates itself out depending on my life at that moment. :)

    • That is really great! I love writing as well. It used to be my one true passion.

  3. jamie said:

    Loooove the picture!!! The perfect fortune for you!!!! xo

  4. sarah said:

    the same! all things art.. literature, paintings, photography.. music is by far my biggest interest. what a great fortune! :)

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