Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

Supposedly that means “St. Patrick’s Day blessings upon you.” I sure hope that is what it means! haha Anyway, I wanted to stop in before I start my day out of this apartment just to say HAPPY DAY TO YA! I painted my fingernails green today in celebration. I was attempting to take a photo to show you and I couldn’t get a good one. Then I went back to look through them all and they cracked me up so I am sharing all of them.

Ha ha… yep, I am ridiculous. I hope you all are wearing green. If not, here is a little gift from me.

Oh, and you want in on another little fact about me? See that bump on the side of my middle finger in the second photo? That is a callus that I have from writing. I have grown into it. It was almost that big when I was a child, too! I think I wrote my first book (complete with illustrations) when I was 7. At least that is the first I remember. It was 56 pages long. I think I was destined to write, seeing as my mom had taught me to read and write by the time I turned 3. I guess that is a little more than one fact. Oh, well. :)

love, scout

  1. Cuuuuute! Love that color!
    Do you still have that book you wrote when you were 7??? I want to see it!!!!

    • I wish I did! I gave it to my best friend and she lost it over the years. :-/

  2. Meg said:

    Love the nail polish! I actually have a callus on my middle finger from writing too! Have a wonderful St. Patty’s Day!

  3. *pinch*

    Nice green nails. That 4th picture is very intimidating, haha.

  4. Lehua said:

    ahhhh don’t pinch me for not wearing green!
    though, you could pinch me with wet nails and get some green on me.

    happy st. patty’s day.

  5. Luthien said:

    Yep, you’ve got the meaning right (yes the Irish student)
    Happy st Patricksday too! (I’m off to the pub, wearing all green)

    • Sweet! I am happy I got it right. :) Thanks!

  6. Cara said:

    LOVE those green nails. you seem like such a doll. oh, and i have one of those EXACT calluses on my right hand middle finger as well, from writing. <3

    • I am hearing that a lot of people have those on their fingers, ha!

  7. Rosa B. said:

    That colour of nail polish is PERFECT for this occasion! I started writing books when I was really young, too. I think I was six or seven when I started trying to write novels. They didn’t make a lot of sense — stories about horses and talking animals — but at least I expressed myself! If you find your old stories, you should share them!

    • Expression is the most important thing, I think.

  8. anna said:

    i have the same bump on the same finger! cute green nails.

    • You and me and a whole bunch of people apparently. :)

  9. Janie said:

    You look so cute! Your polish colour is a lot nicer than the emerald green colour I painted mine for St. Patrick’s! There’s a tiny glimpse of it in my latest blog post, I really should have taken some photos like yours though! :P

  10. Sarah Ann said:

    I really thought everyone had that ever since they were born… haha. I was that kid who always had rainbow hands from coloring so much so i guess that explains it… still do :)
    happy st. patricks day to you too!

  11. MJ said:

    Yay! You finally broke out the new polish colors! :]. Ps, I LOVE the rawr picture of you :] adorable!

    • Yeah, I pretty much think we should paint our nails and do girly things the next time you are here. :)

  12. LolaDee said:

    Good job on the Irish Patrick’s Day wish! Tá súil agam go raibh lá iontach agat! (I hope that you had a wonderful day). LolaDee (Ireland) x

  13. sarah said:

    i have that bump too :) writing is the best haha

  14. ails said:

    I wanna see the book too! ^_^

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