Tell It On Tuesday, The List

Sorry, kids! The movie kept me out a bit longer than I had expected. Although, it was well worth it. I found Alice In Wonderland… well, wonderful. I wouldn’t say that Tim Burton outdid himself, but he entertained me all the same. I encourage you all who have yet to see it, to go. I normally hate going to see movies in theaters, so that is a rare thing for me to recommend. :)

Anyway, on to what I am here for. This week, I thought I would share with you a list that I have started to create. The idea to make this list came about when I was thinking about the changes I have experienced with this treatment I am undertaking. I decided that this time, having just turned 25 and started on a journey of “recovery,” was the best of any to shape my life and myself into what I desire for me. Therefore, goals started popping into my mind. As I wrote them down, they multiplied and the list became quite large.

After I finished, Will asked that I share it with him. As I read each goal, I followed with an explanation of why I felt it important to be included and what my plans were of accomplishing it. I quickly became emotional, which made me realize just how challenging these goals were. I became both scared and excited about the coming year. I know that each goal will only make the future better, but I face the question of whether or not I will live up to my expectations. Being my own worst enemy makes it a hard question to ponder.

Here are my goals I have set as of now:

– Hand make instead of buy (when I can).

– Start my hand-stitched quilt.

– Start a T-rex dinosaur figurine collection.

– Travel to at least one place on my list.

– Get a bike and ride it!

– Grow my hair out below my shoulders.

– Start rock climbing.

– Make something special for someone who deserves it (maybe a few somethings/someones).

– Learn more about crocheting.

– Fix my sewing machine and use it.

– Stop cursing … except on special occassions. ;)

– Learn (finally) what it feels like to be healthy.

– Get reacquainted with belief “roots” and try to make friends with those sharing similar beliefs.

– Forgive.

– Visit each member of my family at least twice.

– Send letters… many letters.

– Do a “just for me” shoot monthly.

– Read 3 books.

– Maintain a journal again.

– Hike/camp at least 5 times!

– Use less of new… and re-use.

– Start on my side tattoo!!!

– Make an effort to meet/get to really know some photographers and artists that I admire.

– Use my camera every day.

– Watch the sun rise in three different places.

– Take a risk.

– Plant a tree and maybe some flowers.

– Reconnect with extended family.

– Fall in love every day for a different reason.

– Get over my OCD!!

As you can see, the second page is not full, and the list is unfinished. I do not want this list to stop. If the list ends, it means that I have given up on trying to better myself or live my life to the fullest. Don’t mistake what I have just written as saying that I don’t want to accomplish all of this. I hope to, but I want to write one new goal for every goal I cross off. :)

I think this is one of the best decisions I have made this year, second only to finally going to see a health care professional. What decision(s) have you made recently that you are happy with?

love, scout

  1. chelsea said:

    I like your “do a just for me shoot monthly” goal. I’m in a photography class right now and it is draining my creativity. I don’t really feel motivated or inspired to take any more pictures, which is really frustrating.

    I think that leaving it perpetually unfinished is a really fun idea! There are always new adventures to try!

    • If you are feeling drained and unmotivated, push through even harder. Sometimes your best ideas come from times in your life that you felt were the most dull or uncreative. :)

  2. Nikki said:

    I made a new goal just today: get back to writing. I love your list and can’t wait to follow along as you achieve some of your goals.

    Get to it!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement.

      Writing is beautiful. I am glad you made a goal to get back to it.

  3. ails said:

    Thanks for dropping by Erin! You’re the sweetest! ^_^

    I enjoy reading your goals. some are on my list too. ^_^ And your “send letters…many letters” goal is very sweet. It’s one of the things that I am trying to revive too. I still keep all my friends’ letters and notes until now. I feel happy and inspired every time I read them. I think this is one of the best ways in keeping relationships.

    Getting over your OCD is very hard. I tried and I succeeded. ^_^ I know you can do it too.

    and I also think Alice in Wonderland is wonderful! I enjoyed watching every second of it. ^_^

    • I always love your comments. Thank you so much!

  4. Lizanne said:

    I love this list! Its very similar to mine… Oh, and I can be your friend… I think we may share the same beliefs… If i check your FB! Keep smiling and making super cute, super cool things!

  5. Carol said:

    Thank you so much for writing on my blog! We are moving to Tipton, MO. It’s nearer to Columbia & Boonville. It’s a loooot smaller than I am used to which I think will be fun. It will challenge me I think & that is why I am so excited about it!

    I love this list! Some of them are similar to mine! Good luck in accomplishing them & I will be cheering you on as you do! What I really love in this list is that it is never ending! Why stop growing as a person?

    I really liked the movie too! It was different than I expected but good none the less! :)

    • I added you to my Google reader so hopefully I will be writing on your blog much more. I am happy to hear that you feel good about this move. I will be here to encourage you when you need it! :)

  6. Jessica said:

    “As you can see, the second page is not full, and the list is unfinished. I do not want this list to stop. If the list ends, it means that I have given up on trying to better myself or live my life to the fullest. ”

    I think that this is sooo true! I love it. I love your goals they are very inspiring, I might even start my own goal list. :)

    • I am glad to hear that. Thank you! I thought about each goal before writing it down to make sure I thought that it was attainable in the next year. :)

  7. I love your goals :) I think they’re realistic which will make you actually want to do them. Good luck crossing things off your list!

    • Thanks so much! I am excited to get started!

  8. Meg said:

    Hello Erin!
    I am a new reader of your blog, I was hoping to have met you a couple of weeks ago when Jamie, Lindsay and Carol went to the RVA party and your Birthday party. I wish I could have been there, the pics looked like you all had a blast! I loved your costume! I haven’t seen Alice yet, but I am anxious to see it after all of the reviews, plus I am a big Tim Burton fan. You have a great list of goals, and I am sure that you will be able to accomplish them with no problems! Your list is very inspiring, I think we all should think like you when it comes to not letting your list ever end, we all need to make ourselves a little better, nobody’s perfect!! Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi there! Thanks for coming by and starting to read! I loved Alice. However, I heard different opinions all around me. I hope you love it. :)

  9. Sarah Ann said:

    Hi Erin! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I really love it :) I think its great that your trying to better yourself, etc (not that i think you have to or anything…) and I think i’m going to start a list of my own. Good luck with your dino collection ;)

    • Thanks! I would love to hear what types of things you added to your list. :)

  10. Hey, Sweetie! I loooove this list! And I love that you “want to write one new goal for every goal I cross off”. That’s so awesome. I’ve never thought of it that way….when you said that you don’t want the list to end because you always want to better yourself. So true. I love that. You can do every one of those things and MORE!!!! You’re an amazing woman, my dear. You’re an inspiration to me. Love you! xo

  11. your goal list is amazing. and i think you have a wonderful attitude about it all. i agree, i love the idea of adding a new goal everytime you finish one, it should be a lifelong process of bettering ourselves and creating new adventures. or even revising goals as the year goes on and you change and grow and start to realize what is most important to you in life.

    my goal is to spend more time with friends and family. i have become such a hermit since ive been working at home by myself. its hard to motivate myself to go outside and forget everything and just have fun!

    • I feel like a hermit as well. I feel like I have no friends locally. ha

  12. Tara said:

    Hi Erin,

    Not so long ago, when I was your age – I went in for the same kind of ‘recovery’. I think it’s the time of life for it – and I think the fact that you are setting goals, no matter how large or small they seem to you or anyone else is very productive. I made the same kind of list – except mine was more long-term (I guess that’s neither here nor there, but…) being long-term life goals helps me to return to the list and cross things off, and add to the list. And feel successful. At first, I had only lived in suburbia – so there were things like “Live in a big city, live in a small town” – Check.

    You’ve got a lot on that list – and it won’t be feasible or possible to make all of those changes simultaneously or even in a year. Some of them will be symbiotic – like living healthier, “getting over your OCD” (translate to love yourself), take more time for yourself.

    The best you can do for yourself is forgive and honor each accomplishment – even if it’s part of a bigger goal – like when a baby learns to walk – first they have to crawl.

    Best and Love – I know it won’t be easy.

    • I definitely don’t expect to achieve all of these in a year. I just want to get started on the majority of them. :) Thanks for your kind words!

  13. Rosa B. said:

    I agree with the above commenters that your goals are really meaningful and wonderful. Self-improvement is something I hope everyone strives for. I made a list of goals for myself at the start of the new year. My priorities right now are figuring out my financial situation, getting into a really healthy routine (diet and exercise-wise) and spending time with the people who mean the most to me.

    It’s so easy to let little things get in the way of what really matters in life. Your list inspires me!


    • Finances are so heavy. I hope the best for your list! :)

  14. Julie said:

    I love your goal list! Once you get things down on paper, they seem way more doable huh? It makes me want to re evaluate mine from New Years and maybe make a journel just for goals as well. One of mine that I think you might like as well is, “step out of my box at least once a week” meaning go someplace new, take a different route to work, stop in that book store ive been eyeing etc.

    I <3 Julie

  15. Valeria said:


    This is my first time reading your blog and also commenting. I love your list, we share a very similar list except for the T-rex dinosaur figurine collection. (love it) My goal in Feb was to finally start my blog :) in which I did. :) Can’t wait to start reading more about you on your blog!

    • Really? That is awesome! I will add your blog to my reader. :)

  16. love this list!! send me a letter! we can be pen pals!!! xxo

  17. Julie said:

    LOL, I signed my name as I love julie?! It was supposed to be just ‘<3 Julie' Ha!

  18. Law said:

    Hey, I just came across your blog and love it!
    Your photos are amazing and this list is SO good, I feel inspired :)
    Keep up the good work!!


    • It wasn’t but it has been added. Promise, promise!

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