Sunday Best, The Good Life

Here are a few photos that made me smile and reminded me of how good my life is.

This is the best birthday card that my sister has ever sent me!My nephew goes everywhere I go and keeps me smiling!

New project here!

My 25th birthday party! My costume rocked. I won’t lie. I think I had the best one. :) I will hopefully post more photos soon, although most people didn’t seem to want to take photos with me. ha.

Having a blog friend stay with us and then ending up becoming great friends with her in the process truly brightened my whole month of March. :)

Finally trying out an idea at this tree…

… with this girl. I am so in love with this photo. My initial plan was to crop it tight on her eyes, but when I saw it out of the camera, I just couldn’t bare to crop it at all. Isn’t she breathtaking? SOOOOO glad I had the opportunity to work with her. :)

I can’t begin to tell you the wonderful time I have had the last couple weeks. I am truly blessed. Thank you.

love, scout

  1. MJ said:

    i’m not gonna lie…you brightened my month of march too! i’m so blessed and happy to have been welcomed into yours and will’s home and treated so well. :] you guys rock. i miss your face like crazy and soooo wish i could have stayed longer. i’m counting the days until we get to hang out again! :]

    ps, seriously, you keep making me blush! stop it! :] and i can’t wait to “work” with you again. maybe if i get enough practice i’ll stop acting like a dork and actually feel comfortable in front of the camera…hah, yeah right…like i’ll ever stop being retarded.

    love you!

    • You being retarded in front of the camera is why I love to “work” with you… AND hang out with you.
      (And I meant that in the nicest way possible.) haha


      • MJ said:

        i’ll take the retarded comment as compliment :]

      • Yes… you should.

  2. Carol said:

    you did have the best costume! and that photo of Emjay’s eyes is gorgeous! She is so beautiful! I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to become friends with her and you and everyone! What a wonderful memory!

    • It was SO good to meet you and become friends with you. I wish that I had gotten more time to talk with you while you all were here. Hopefully sometime soon again. :) THANK YOU for coming and being a part of everything. :) You are so kind and seem really awesome to hang out with… even if you think you are too quiet. ;)

    • MJ said:

      thank you carol :] i’m glad i got to meet you and spend time with you too! yay for new friends! :]

      • :-) This makes me happy.

  3. Janel said:

    Amazing!! And yes I want to see more bday pics!!! I made will take a thousand of me ;) I love you and miss you and appreciate you ;)

  4. ails said:

    These photos are fun! I’m happy for you Erin! I can’t wait to see more birthday photos! ^_^

    And yes, MJ is gorgeous! You both are! ^_^

    love, ails

  5. Your birthday photo looks amazing! I’m jealous you got to meet MJ :) And that she got to meet you… one day we’ll all meet up I’m sure.

    Can’t wait to see more from this weekend!

  6. you and emjay brightened my month of march, too! :)
    i’m dying to see the photos from the party!!!!

  7. michabella said:

    “Emjay” looks awesome!!! You are soooo talented! Love her makeup! <3

    • Aww, thank you! I work hard at perfecting myself so I can be the best photographer I can. She did the makeup and I helped instruct based on my vision for the concept. We had so much fun!

  8. great photo, Erin! you’ve got something good going here!!!

    • Thanks! I would love to shoot you sometime. And by that, I mean with my camera. ;)

  9. Laura said:

    dude…..KILLER costume!
    love. it.

  10. Lindsay said:

    Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Meesh (childhood nickname) has to be one of the most photogenic people I know!!!! You take amazing pics Erin!!! I really want to thank you so much for the blog comment you left me today. It really did help a lot and I appreciate it so much. thank you thank you thank you :) I can’t wait until my next SF trip so we can actually talk (I was way too shy this time)
    Hope you have an awesome week!!!!

    • Aww you are welcome for the comment. I am glad I could help.

      And thanks for the compliment. She was fun to work with.

      And come back! :)

    • MJ said:

      thanks linds! :]

      • You two are cute.

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