Giveaway Winners!!

Emjay and I decided we needed to explain a few things after this first video. :)

Thank you to all of you who participated I really, really, really appreciate it! I am hoping to do another giveaway when I reach 50,000 views. We will see. ;)

For the lovely Elisha J, here are your choices.

Prize A

Prize B

Email me at the same email you did before to let me know which one you want. Katie, you will receive the other prize. :)

Amy and Judith, Email me at erinsundayphoto[at]gmail[dot]com to tell me which print you would like from my shop. Thanks!

In other news…

I updated the shop with fun headbands!

I am going to write another post later tonight.

I like you. :)

love, scout

  1. hahaha! you guys are too cute.
    loved the videos.


  2. so happy you got my bicycle necklace courtesy of Jamie!!!!

    • Yes! I love it! Thank you so much! You are talented. :)

  3. Woooo Thanks so much Erin!!! Hope your bday was wonderful!!!

  4. MJ said:

    i love you :] and i have had so much fun this week. i don’t want to leave!

  5. ails said:

    Woot! Congratulations to all the winners!

    I hope you had a blast last Saturday Erin! ^_^

    • We all did. Thank you! Wish you could have been here!

  6. Lindsay said:

    lol you guys are adorable!!!! I miss yall so much!!! <3

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