Tell It On Tuesday, Travel Plans

I love to travel! I really do. I haven’t gotten to travel much in my life. In fact, I have never been out of the country or even visited D.C. or NYC. Crazy, right? Well, I am hoping that I am able to travel a lot more in 2010. Will and I have this goal that we want to pick specific places to visit, then book shoots in those areas so we can pay our way. Isn’t it lovely?!? I think it is brilliant. I think Will came up with it. :)

Here are a few places I would love to visit this year:

I know it’s probably impossible for all of these trips to happen. However, these are all definitely on my list of places to go. :)

I get to go here this year for sure because of some awesome friends! You know who you are and I love you! :))

I checked my etsy today and saw this photo in my feedback…

I don’t know a lot about this adorable girl or else I would link her. I know it said on her profile that she is a photographer. She sent me this photo of her wearing the headband she bought from me. How cute is she in it?? :) It definitely made my day.

Well kids, I have had a wonderful day and an even better night talking with some friends over dinner. I think it’s time for me to call it a night and start fresh tomorrow. How was your day??

love, scout

  1. Biscuit said:

    those are great places to visit! i hope you get to visit many of them! :] traveling is so fun! i’m hoping to visit philadelphia and cancun this year! yipee!

  2. I grew up in Austin, and Nashville is only two hours away from me! :) My own roadtrip is in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to meet you!

    • I can’t wait to meet you as well. It will be a blast!

  3. Amanda said:

    Oooh, I see Nashville…I recognize the Batman building. Ha! :) I love that city and miss it dearly.
    I’m a little travel bug too…I’m always planning my next road trip. Paying the way by doing shoots in that city is a GREAT idea!

    Have a lovely Wednesday. :)


    • I can’t wait to visit Nashville. I also can’t wait to meet you when you are in town. :)

  4. Claire said:

    my hubbie and i went to NYC (from England) last sept for our 10th wedding anniversary. We took a couple of good pals with us. We had the time of our lives and i’m def going back there. :)

  5. i would love to travel more too. i got the chance to go to France with my mom with her jewelry business, it was one of the best trips ever. i hope one day we can afford to do some traveling! you picked some fab places! oh, that photo is so cute that she took, woo hoo for cool customers!

    • Yes, isn’t she beautiful! I would love to travel to meet you one day. :)

  6. Rosa B. said:

    Would you come to Toronto if I booked you for a shoot?

  7. We see nashville in the photos!!! Yeah you know you have a place to stay with us!

    • Yes! I am thinking that trip should definitely happen this year!

  8. yeah! i know you guys will totally make it to Nashvegas! The spare room is ready for ya!! just let us know when you’ll make it our way!
    love ya’ll!!!

  9. ok… and josh & i just commented at the same time… seriously…
    9:56am… he is at work.. i am at home… how is that possible?!
    we are TOO much alike… craziness…

    • Haha you two are pretty much one of the very few cutest couples I know. :)

  10. What about Atlanta?! We need fun photographers to come to Atlanta too!!! :)

  11. I have never been to NYC ever! It’s tragic. These trips look amazing. Can I go with?

    • Please do! I love taking road trips with other people. :)

  12. I hope you get to each and every spot on your wishlist!!!! My list is long too!!! I hope to one day get to NYC, Seattle, San Francisco. Chicago is one of our very favorite spots for weekend getaways when it’s just hubby and me but we hope to take the kids up there this spring/summer. Such a great place! I’d like to go back to DC too. I grew up south of there in Virginia and have seen all the sites but it was when I was little and I’d love to go back and take the kids now.

  13. Kristy said:

    I haven’t traveled all that much either and I feel like I have a bit of gypsy in me lol I have been to a couple of those places though and a lot of those I would like to see as well :)

  14. Katja said:

    :) and where’s germany on your list?! :) hihi

    well, nice places though <3
    and that picture is really really pretty!!!!

    and i wanted to let you know… iiiiii need your address once again for some birthday love :D


    • When I can leave the country, I will totally be on my way to visit you. :)

  15. Danielle said:

    Ohh I love traveling and you have some awesome, awesome places on your list! Some of my favorites! Let me know if you decide to come through Arizona :)

  16. chelsea said:

    This list makes me want to travel SO MUCH. I’m going to Chicago in about a month, and I’ve been to NYC and San Francisco (both amazing!), but there is so much more of this country that I want to see!

  17. vivianna said:

    Come to San Francisco- Free stay Free food

  18. Jackie said:

    love your list! come to new york! and while you’re there visit me in jersey :)

  19. Travels are so much fun! Scot and I are itching to go somewhere so I think the 1st of april we may roadtrip somewhere fun… maybe somewhere as far as yosemite. Just a dream now, but maybe it will happen!

  20. Kelile said:

    dc and nya are musts!!! i love those cities!
    i really wanna travel too! i feel like there are still soooo many placei have left to see. if only we were all rich and could travel all the time, that would be the life. :)

      • I knew what you meant. :)

    • I know! Being rich would definitely come in handy. haha

  21. taylah said:

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  22. margot said:

    erin if you and will come to nyc you can stay with me!! fyi!!! i have a futon in my living room, consider it yours! :-)

  23. Mandi Cockroft said:

    Hey, if you do make it to Texas I would love to book a shoot. If you could email me with rates that would be super!!

  24. Katey said:

    Ok, so I never commented before but I love your blog :) I would totally book a shoot with you if you came to Austin! Please come!!!

    • Ah! Really? I want to go to Renegade so I may just have to talk details with you. ;)

  25. Sandy said:

    ohhh i LOVE visiting austin, there is so much culture, nature, city, and great food there! hope you get to visit at least half of your list this year! =)

    btw, that’s a really great photo of that girl wearing your headband! she is definitely a perfect model for it!

  26. Tabatha said:

    Eric,i LOVE the list san fran,seattle and portland are my fave.I live in portland myself.seattle is my second home.And San fran i am making a road trip down there this april i cant wait.

    • I hope you have fun! My name is Erin by the way. haha :)

  27. How ironic, we live within 45 minutes of DC and still have to go to NYC too :) I’m sure you’re friends will be more than lucky (and thrilled) to go with you two!!!

    • Yes, I am sure they will be thrilled. Maybe as thrilled as us even. ;)

  28. MJ said:

    and now louisiana is added to the list :]

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