One Big Bun

I recently took photos for a friend of mine who is expecting. I hadn’t seen her since before her pregnancy. Needless to say, things had changed a bit in her appearance. Here are a few of the photos that I gave her:

And then some funny ones…

This was so much fun! I love this girl bunches and can’t wait to see the pretty baby daughter she will have. :)

What all have you been doing lately?

love, scout

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  1. CaL said:

    Oh wow those are so great!!! I love that last one with you holding the globe! How fun!

  2. chelsea said:

    These pictures are cute, and I love your outfit in the last photo!

  3. Caroline said:

    the paintings were very charming! the mama-to-be looked oh-so happy to have a little cupcake waiting for her

    • She is sooo happy! Especially now that her little girl is in her arms.

  4. Amanda said:

    1) Cuuuuute photos. I’m not a fan of “typical” maternity photos, so these make my heart happy.

    2) Where did you get those orange tights?!?
    (I get weird looks for my shorts/tights/socks combo too. haha!)

    • Aww Yay! That is a BIG compliment.

      The orange tights are from New York & Company. I am wearing grey and white polk dot tights underneath. I layer tights a lot. :)

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